Stepstone Group conducted a survey of 150,000 employees around the world on international career mobility trends.

Luxembourg is ranked 32nd among the most attractive countries in terms of work, according to the press release published by the recruitment platform, affiliated with Stepstone. Thus, the Grand Duchy improves its ranking compared to 2020 (36th place) and 2018 (38th place). Luxembourg City ranks 48th as the capital.

The survey points in particular to where employees who say they want to work in Luxembourg are coming from: 11% of Portuguese mention Luxembourg among the three countries in which they would like to work. This is also the case for Pakistani and Belgian employees as well as 5% of French employees.

According to this poll”The main reasons that motivate foreign workers to join Benelux are:
– Quality of jobs offered (66%)
– Quality of life (65%)
– Environmental security and stability (48%).

London, Amsterdam and Dubai make up the top 3 attractive capitals for work. The three most attractive countries are Australia, the United States and Canada.