Football – Regional 1: Revenge by the Portuguese against Saint-Maximin

Football – Regional 1: Revenge by the Portuguese against Saint-Maximin

At the end of this match, played half-heartedly by Amiens Porto, the Samaritans beat their Izarian neighbors and took their revenge in the first leg. At the same time, the Amiens team gets three important points in their race to maintain it.

The first five minutes of the game were balanced, with both teams looking for each other. But the locals, looking for points, show they are in their garden by dominating the ball. The first two big chances came after ten minutes of play for Porto. Isambart, positioned at the entrance to the area, tried to shoot, but the opponent's goalkeeper blocked it under the crossbar. Then, one minute later, Da Vega sent a good ball deep into the San Maximinoes area through Isambart and sent a cross shot that went right past Gauthier's post. The Portuguese from Amiens continue to push forward but are having trouble finishing off attacks. But on day 29, Ryan da Vega He comes to free the situation by recovering the header, and Nziza's corner finally works in this match (1-0, 29′). After this achievement, the Samaritans still controlled the match and put pressure on the attacking zone. But many centers in the Isaria region do not find participants. But Amiens Porto did not give up and ended up extending the lead three minutes before the end of the first half. Porto captain, Fakwir recovers the skin after a corner kick from Amiens, and passes the ball inside the penalty area to Mehmet Tucuman Which sends it into the back of the net (2-0, 42′). Saint-Maximin gets a dangerous shot in the final minutes of this first half, but it is not enough to reduce the score. At the end of the first half, Amiens Porto leads (2-0).

Amiens Porto is resting but resilient

Back on the artificial pitch at Stade Michelet, the match became even more competitive. Fair possession of the ball. But six minutes after the start of the second half, Toure entered the penalty area, rounded the last defender, who made a mistake in his intervention and presented a penalty kick for Picard. Sufyan Amer He beats him and tricks Gauthier (3-0, 51′). After that third goal, the Samaritans relaxed and San Maximino took the opportunity to go forward. In the 61st minute, Gninji kept a clean sheet by defeating Soldado. Opportunities multiply for Saint-Maximin, but the visitors fail to reduce the score, such as Poligani's goal, which passes directly over Picardy's goal. However, in the 72nd minute, their efforts finally paid off. Enzo Soldado He takes the skin after a shot from Pozzolo hits the post (3-1, 72′). Benoit Stourbois has to bring back the captain, Vincent Fakier, to reorganize the team, which has been off the pitch due to adductor muscle pain. However, the Izarians continue to bring themselves forward but the Samarrai defense and goalkeeper respond. Five minutes before the end of the match, Demba Gingo saved the match by stopping a rebound from Soldado. The numerous visiting procedures change nothing and therefore the Portuguese end up winning (3-1). An important victory for Amiens in this points race, which will now end in four matches.

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Zone 1, Group A, Day 18:
Amiens Porto – US Saint-Maximin: 3-1 (2-0)

FC Porto lineup: Guenigé, Seguinbo, Edes, Amor, Togomane, Kubele, Faquier, Da Vega Tavarez, Nziza, Isamaparte, Toure
Substitutes at FC Porto: Sako, Diaby, Reynold

Porto match goals: Rayan da Vega (29'), Mohamed Toghoumane (42'), Sofiane Amor (51')

Saint-Maximin goal: Enzo Soldado (72′)

Le Fournier
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