“Live badly”, “Live poorly”: Miso, period – liberation

“Live badly”, “Live poorly”: Miso, period – liberation


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On the other hand, the diptych of the Portuguese João Canejo, visually magnificent, has nothing to emphasize but a dislike of female roles.

Sometimes, too pretty isn’t enough. Extremely pleasing (to the eye) is sometimes limited to an optical illusion, as we quickly realize in this Portuguese film, after the exciting and beautiful first hour. Therefore, it happens that the “bad” wins, as they say about a bad mood, which is a mistake that applies: “He has bad wine.” Bad in the sense of evil. Live poorly And Live poorlyA four-hour double feature by Portuguese director João Canejo, consisting of two identically designed films – everything is square – and a carnage game with misogyny complete as a dull repetitive note, placed under the auspices of two credited auteurs (Streindberg D. I., Bergman, Monteiro).

First movie (Live badly) : The hotel managers and their maids, all women, waft through discomfort and psychodrama as they pass the rooms of their property with a swimming pool. A castrated grandmother, a bipolar mother with a small dog, and a neurotic daughter with bangs, whose suffering and pain are repeated in an episode: “My poor girl” versus “My poor girl” versus “My poor girl.” “My poor mother” (this is a summary of what came). The second movie (Live badly) It is shown in reverse shot: this time focusing on the point of view of the hotel guests and their children, mothers and daughters, always stepmothers and poor children, always, except for a couple suffering from frustrated sexual desire. We follow the thread of graphics designed to fill the gaps brilliantly dug by the first film, and re-show all the scenes but “from the other side.”

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