Microsoft will ban unofficial extensions on its consoles

Microsoft will ban unofficial extensions on its consoles

Double-check the controllers you use to play your Xbox! Microsoft will ban all accessories from unlicensed manufacturers on its consoles. A way to ensure your monopoly before the end of the year vacation.

Like many people, you may be accustomed to operating your Xbox console with a controller or joystick purchased from Amazon or another e-commerce platform, which is not manufactured by Microsoft. An excellent way to pay less for the accessory, but also to take advantage of certain functions that are not available in Redmond’s consoles. However, this era is soon coming to an end, as the tech giant begins blocking the compatibility of its controllers with accessories from other manufacturers. As mentioned Windows Centralmany players using this practice have started to see a worrying error message displayed on their screen: “The connected accessory is unauthorized. Using unauthorized accessories jeopardizes your gaming experience. For this reason, use of unauthorized accessory will be banned on 11/12/2023. For help returning it, check with the store it came from Or contact the manufacturer. To see supported accessories, go to“. The message couldn’t be clearer: Microsoft will make all accessories (headsets, controllers, joysticks, steering wheel, etc.) that have not been previously validated incompatible with Xbox.

Banning Xbox accessories: Microsoft tightens its policy

From now until November 12, any Xbox accessories you connect to your console that are not licensed by Microsoft will be automatically blocked and can no longer be used. Only devices listed inOfficial Xbox accessories page It can be used on console (Xbox One and Xbox Series Accessory manufacturer Brook Gaming is already paying for this new policy, as explained in a message posted on X (formerly Twitter). Problem has been occurring ever since Deploy software update 10.0.25398.2266, which was released on October 16.

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Microsoft appears to have recently changed its licensing policy for third-party companies that create wireless accessories. Brands like Turtle Beach and Razer shouldn’t have any issues, since their products benefit from the “Designed for Xbox” badge. However, this is not the case for branded accessories XIM, Brook Gaming, Cronus Zen or ReaSnow S1, which allow you to take advantage of advantages such as aim assistance or recoil reduction, providing a real additional advantage during online games. For example, some allow To imitate a mouse and keyboard, which Very practical for FPS games like Call of dutyBecause it allows you to take advantage of the improved rotation speed and rapid fire functionality without having to sacrifice aim assist. However, the list of banned manufacturers is not yet official. If you only use accessories from manufacturers that have paid Xbox licensing to Microsoft, this new policy should not affect you. On the other hand, if you have used unlicensed third-party manufacturers, you may soon have to check for a compatible model. Bad news that coincidentally comes before the Christmas holidays…

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