Who is this Niçois who reconnected you to the wild world with a pair of sneakers?

coaches “To reconnect with the wild world”. This is nothing more and nothing less than the Meeko brand, created on January 1, 2021 by Niçois Guillaume Mesly d’Arloz and his partner Franche-Comté Maxime Savart, committed to offering it to you.
dirty? “Footwear and especially sneakers are (very) bad students in terms of the impact on the environment and especially on biodiversity – leather, rubber, cotton, transportation, energy, etc. So if you love animals and don’t want to go barefoot, consider Miko.” Communication is perforated with these mannequins with the heads of endangered animals, and it makes the operation of many notorious brands. And this “wildlife-friendly” side makes fun of the big names in sneakers.

Vegan, Recyclable, Stylish

They have already launched Coco Pongo, today here is Kikobo. This sneaker is also made with no animal matter, 100% vegan, recycled polyester laces and lining, natural rubber sole and interior upper. apple peel (Waste apple and polyurethane – 5 to 20 times less polluting than petrochemical imitation leather. The Nice co-founder explains, “We’re not quite perfect yet, we’re thinking about eliminating plastic, even recycled, from our sneakers forever.”
It is preferable to use a short circuit with partners in Italy and an assembly plant in Portugal “75% is powered by solar panels, because we want to work with companies that have the same ethics.” At the same time, a lot of work has been done on the design side so that these ethics do not compromise solidity, durability and … the design. consequences, “Our sneakers look great, are vegan, but can’t be sold for less than €149.” The party the leaders chose to take over. If the company is based in Paris, our native Guillaume Mesly d’Arloz does not forget his region and is regularly present in the pop-up of Beau Jourdain (in Nice). The second crowdfunding campaign is underway on Ulule, until February 16th, and 400% pre-orders are already registered! With only 20,000 euros in stock and a gnaque to participate “widely” in the protection of endangered species, the two partners, alone, have carried the boat and at the moment, including the management of the website, have sold more than 2,000 pairs of sneakers. Now they want to boost their presence in stores (call launched). It should be noted that a portion of its sales are donated to two NGOs (1). With humor, the co-founder of Nice explains why and how Meeko . works “We wanted to keep looking the face of The Jungle Book, well in our sneakers.”

(1) Sumatra Rainforest Institute/PAMS Foundation.

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Pre-order until February 16th! ulule.com

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