“Alzheimer’s Radio”: a program for patients

A few years ago, the Alzheimer’s Association of France launched its own web radio, notably through a program that gives 100% of the space to people with Alzheimer’s disease.

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For Joel, radio is her whole life. His crush started during a school outing.
But Joëlle has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for more than fifteen years. If she had to give up her career as an animator, she did not give up her passion.

Delays the effects of disease

Like every month, Joëlle participates in a radio show like no other. Behind the microphones, there is a host, a disease specialist, but above all the three Alzheimer’s patients. They are a happy band that talks about their daily lives.

This September, it’s time for holiday stories.

“It is very important that patients continue to pursue activities and continue to maintain social connections, to exchange. This will work on their memory, their cognitive ability to project themselves, to be always in life. I think that in fact, it is a factor that makes it possible to delay the effects of the disease”explains Helen Delmot, France, a health expert in Alzheimer’s disease.

It is important to delay the effects of the disease, but above all learn to live with it. Thanks to the listeners’ messages, all topics are treated without taboos.

arc in life…

“For me, a successful tape show is one that I laughed at. It means that we were spontaneous, and that means that we were able to exchange and have a discussion among friends. We had a great time, the participants enjoyed above all else. It is an arc in their life and a mission accomplished for me”says Valerie Merritt, Alzheimer’s Radio Presenter.

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Three-quarters of an hour later, laughter gives way to intense exhaustion.

Joel didn’t say her last word. She knows that a hundred listeners will be impatient for her adventures next month.

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