Artificial Intelligence is coming to WhatsApp – here's everything you can do with it

Artificial Intelligence is coming to WhatsApp – here's everything you can do with it

WhatsApp has started adding artificial intelligence to its app. It should change the way you use messages! Here's everything you can do with it.

Would you like to use some AI again? The popular instant messenger WhatsApp will also get a dose of artificial intelligence, as is the trend currently. Meta, the parent company, has clearly announced that it will integrate several tools of this type into the app, such as creating custom images and stickers. But the next function promises to be revolutionary and risks revolutionizing your use of WhatsApp in the future, by making it more than just a simple instant messenger, as the latter will simply welcome Meta AI, a chat program powered by artificial intelligence, with which you will be able to chat. .

A true personal assistant, this chatbot will allow you to ask questions at any time on all kinds of topics. Thanks to its ability to access real-time online information using Bing, Microsoft's search engine, Meta AI will be able to give you a cooking recipe as well as recommend a personalized hiking trail.

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There are several ways to access WhatsApp AI. It can be accessed first in group discussions. Simply enter “@MetaAI” in the message field and ask the chatbot a question. You can, too “Contact them” by typing their name in the search bar, or start a conversation by clicking on the icon Meta AI is located in the lower right corner of the screen. Actually, it depends on the country, because the company is currently conducting several tests for thisvalue User engagement and preferences regarding access to Meta AI. Note that chatbot It can only read and respond to questions that mention @Meta AI: it is therefore unable to read other messages. As always, your personal messages and calls remain end-to-end encrypted, so not even WhatsApp or Meta can see or hear them, including integration with AI.

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Currently, Meta AI only supports English. After the first phase of testing limited to the United States, Meta is now starting another series in different countries. These tests are available to people who install the latest updates for WhatsApp for iOS from the App Store and WhatsApp for Android from the Google Play Store. It is possible that more users will be able to access it in the coming months. So a little patience!

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