Mars First Logistics, a rust-colored adventure

Just because we succeeded in colonizing Mars doesn’t mean we don’t need to export one of the most timeless human creations out there: the need to build anything and everything. To this end, the Shape Shop studio offers Mars First LogisticsHalf-adventure game Off the track On the red planet, simulating mid-construction.

Straight from the other side of the planet, Ian McClarty, the game’s lead developer, is showing off his title as part of Melbourne International Game Week, which ends on Sunday. Thus, players, on site or remotely, are asked to discover a “physics simulation game where you have to build different vehicles, rover vehicles, to transport various mechanical parts to Mars. You have to transport this cargo ship between stations on the red planet. Often Your payload is oddly shaped, and you have to overcome the obstacles of the terrain itself.”

“It’s a simulator in mode sandbox (Sandbox, editor’s note), with the appearance of a physical machine. »

From the first compression images, and even more so when watching the trailer, the player will, in a sense, have the impression that he is on familiar territory. After all, like titles besiege Widely popularized by this branch of the video game world is the one in which you have to build different vehicles, sometimes with absolutely crazy looks and performance, to accomplish certain tasks.

Those most passionate about building games will also find that when the time comes to revive their imaginations, Mars First Logistics It evokes that feeling of freedom that comes with having a set of LEGO bricks. Even the aesthetics of this part of the game are similar to the instructions of the famous company.

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Finally, everything is presented in vivid colors and like-like visuals cell shading, which is somewhat similar to Mars exploration in the context of a comic book or graphic novel. What an atmosphere!

“Unlike besiegeNo need to blow anything up! Mr. McClarty laughs. “I think one of the big differences is that my game is an open world… You can go wherever you want. You always have to be resourceful.”

As part of game development, Shape Shop had to ask itself the question: Are we making a more arcade-oriented game, with a crazier physical engine, or are we trying to stick to the real constants in terms of gravity, soil hardness, etc.?

“I wouldn’t say it’s a physical arcade-type thing. I tried to achieve a certain level of realism, especially in terms of the gravity of Mars, for example. I obviously wanted the game to be really flexible, where the player could build whatever they wanted; so the machine had to be Capable of handling any vehicle. I wanted things to be fun…”, he states.

And so we find this desire to combine realism and fun found on the side of the wheels and its effect on the Martian soil. “I wanted the ride to be a little heavy, for the wheels to be heavy on the ground, to slip, etc.”

To achieve his goal, Ian McClarty relied on the physical engine embedded in the Unity Engine, more specifically the properties that are usually used when the time comes to simulate the behavior of robots. Which, when thought about, is well suited to … robots and robotic vehicles moving on another planet.

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Only a trial version is offered at the moment; McClarty says the full game will be out next year. “This has not stopped some people from modifying the game to increase the fun, including changing the saved game data to give themselves an unlimited amount of money!”

“I think the game is in good shape; I especially look forward to seeing people playing the game, and seeing their reactions… and I think this type of game has always been popular. After all, players have always been interested in titles that you can get creative with.”

And if all goes well, this creativity will be able to continue to manifest itself on a planet located millions of kilometers from our planet.

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