Mal Fever – Film 2023

Mal Fever – Film 2023


Mal Viver forms a duo with Viver Mal. The director returns to this structure: “I wanted to make two films dealing with the same themes, with plots unfolding in the same place, at the same time. The secondary characters in the first film are the main characters in the second film, and vice versa. The titles Mal Viver and Viver Mal reflect this game of mirrors.” However, I see these two films as individual works
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Mother-daughter relationships

“The film emerges from the idea that mothers can plunge their daughters into disgrace and disgrace, and that these torments are passed down from generation to generation,” reveals João Canejo. In his film, he follows three generations of women who are victims of maternal anxiety: the grandmother who prevents her from being a good mother to her daughter, and herself who is unable to be a mother to her daughter. The scenario was created two years ago
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The influence of August Strindberg and Ingmar Bergman

João Canejo was so interested in the work of Ingmar Bergman, he decided to turn to the man who had been the director's mentor: playwright August Strindberg. He was particularly inspired by three of his plays to create Mal Viver/Viver Mal: ​​Playing with Fire, the story of a husband who cannot invest in his relationship with his wife, but realizes that he loves her after all when he is about to…
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