SpaceX fires tests its spacecraft three times in four hours

SpaceX fires tests its spacecraft three times in four hours
Zoom in / The sun shines around Starship SN8’s lower fin on December 9, 2020.

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On Wednesday, in southern Texas, SpaceX launched its latest prototype not one or two times. Instead, engineers and technicians refueled and tested the launch of the SN9 prototype and the Raptor rocket engines three times in under four hours.

Elon Musk, SpaceX founder and chief engineer, said after the first of three tests On Twitter, “Today at SpaceX is all about the practice of starting the Starship’s engine. The ship is held in place by massive pins while the motors are running.” After the third test, Emphasized musk The three tests were completed without much problem.

Conducting three tests like this in rapid succession is a remarkable achievement, and indicates the maturity of the spaceship hardware, ground systems, and the procedures for the SpaceX launch program. The goal, Musk said, is to reach a point where one can “jump and go” to Mars. This ability remains years into the future, if ever achieved. But the company appears to be making progress towards a solid launch system.

Assuming data from Wednesday’s engine tests are favorable, the next move for SN9 is likely to kick in and fly. The car is already in the launch pad, and Musk and his engineers will now conduct a “readiness” review in advance of what is expected to be another test flight of about 12.5 km, similar to the one he made. SN8 vehicle in December. The objective would be to successfully land, after the SN8 has met a fiery end at the landing position after an almost perfect flight.

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SpaceX He got the approval From the Federal Aviation Administration to launch its SN9 on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday from its facility near Boca Chica Beach in southern Texas. They will likely be able to change SN9 to try flying as soon as Thursday. However, there are concerns over the upper level winds, which appear hostile until Saturday at least.

Sources have suggested that SpaceX is keen to proceed with SN9 flight, as it is close to finishing assembling the Starship’s next prototype, the SN10, at its nearby high bay facilities. The company is moving forward with driving this vehicle possibly as soon as possible towards the end of January, as it has several other prototypes in different build cases.

The goal in the near term is to demonstrate the Starship’s orbital flight ability. To do this, the company first needs to build and test the Super Heavy missile, which will serve as the first stage of the Starship. This dramatic test will see a spacecraft launch into orbit to determine if it can safely return to Earth using a mixture of heat shield tiles on its side facing the atmosphere. You’ll complete a complex set of maneuvers to take off speed and ultimately make a controlled landing.

In an interview Published earlier this month, SpaceX president and chief operating officer Gwen Shotwell told Ars that she believes it is more likely than not that this orbital flight test will happen in 2021.

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