Canada imposes sanctions on Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich

Canada imposes sanctions on Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich

On Thursday, Ottawa announced new sanctions against Russian officials and close collaborators of Vladimir Putin’s regime, including Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea Football Club.

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In addition to the 55-year-old billionaire, Trudeau’s government sanctions target Ella Alexandrovna Pamfilova, Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov, Elena Evgenivna Morozova and Igor Vladimirovich Yanchuk.

“It is part of our ongoing work to increase restrictions and sanctions on Russia,” Justin Trudeau said during a speech in Poland where he announced the sanctions.

Ottawa said in a statement that these figures were “punished for their complicity in President Putin’s decision to invade a peaceful and sovereign country.”

Canada has also imposed sanctions on about 30 entities operating in the finance, defense and energy sectors for their role in enabling or supporting President Putin’s “unprovoked and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine”.

“It was an important moment for the world to come together in condemnation and opposition to the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine, but also to be there for [l’appuyer]Canadian Prime Minister said.

It is noteworthy that these sanctions come a day after a similar British government announcement.

Effects of sanctions on individuals and their actions

Known as the owner of the famous football club, Abramovich also owns several shares in Evraz Notrh America, which operates in Canada and the United States. Thus, Mr. Trudeau made it clear that the company can continue its activities in the countries, because the sanctions only affect Mr. Abramovich. “He will not be able to profit or enjoy economic activities [de l’entreprise] in Canada.

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Anne Clara Vilancourt, a spokeswoman for the prime minister, said the sanctions mean Roman Abromovich cannot sell or do anything with his shares in the company. Globe and Mail.

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