Is Opera still a good browser for gamers?

Is Opera still a good browser for gamers?

Opera is a widely used Norwegian web browser that stands out for its innovative features aimed at providing an optimal internet experience. For example, a free, built-in VPN improves online privacy and security. Additionally, there are messaging apps that allow users to stay in touch while exploring the web. But is it still a good tool for gamers? This is what we will discover in this article.

Opera, since its humble beginnings in 1995, has carved out a special place for itself in the web browser landscape. Initially recognized for its multi-document interface and sidebar, it became completely free in 2005. This has greatly expanded its accessibility and adoption by the general public.

Opera features

Opera is available today on many devices and systems, from smartphones to computers running Windows, GNU/Linux, and MacOS. It is distinguished by its integrated features. This includes an ad blocker, a free VPN and a power saver, with the aim of improving the browsing experience for its users.

In addition, its rendering engine ensures fast and smooth navigation and optimal support for the latest web technologies, including HTML5 multiplayer games. Ditching Flash, which is outdated and resource-hungry, is a strategic decision that helped boost browser performance.

Overall, Opera is constantly evolving to meet changing user needs. The browser offers a range of advanced features and optimal performance. This makes it an attractive option for those looking for a rich and reliable web browsing experience.

Gaming performance

Opera recently launched a special version of its browser known asthe opera GXIt is inspired by video game design. This version offers a range of features. This includes the ability to limit CPU usage and the amount of allocated memory, via a control panel called GX Control.

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This is an especially useful feature for streamers who can adjust browser resources as needed during gameplay. Maciej Kocemba, product manager at Opera GX, explains that this feature allows users to game without compromising their web browsing experience. These have fine-grained control over browser resources.

In addition, Opera GX integrates the Twitch interface into its sidebar and provides a dedicated area called GX Corner, which provides information about video games. Aside from these gaming console-inspired visual and audio additions, there are also standard browser features, such as Video Pop Out and a built-in ad blocker.

Opera One, AI integration

Opera recently introduced Opera One, a new version of its browser based on artificial intelligence (AI). This innovation aims to improve the browsing experience for users, especially gamers. One of the major new features, Tab Islands, allows you to automatically group multiple tabs from the same site, making it easier to manage multiple web pages.

In addition, Opera One is characterized by its low consumption of system resources. This is crucial for the guests to maximize the performances of the machine pendant and the sessions of the day. The use of memory efficiency and a modular architecture contribute to maintaining a fluid experience, often due to the presence of many other languages ​​or applications in the background.

Opera: is it still good for gamers or not?

Opera remains a solid choice for gamers due to its advanced features and optimal performance. Both with the GX version and with the latest version, Opera One, which integrates artificial intelligence for more flexible and personalized navigation. with her In constant development With its commitment to innovation, Opera is always worthy of the attention of gamers who care about their online experience.

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