The word ‘proof’ does not apply to the existence of God.

Enterprise Science test God? Written by François Effie Presented by Salvatore Editions as a reaction to the media themselves God, science, evidence, the dawn of a revolution Published November 2021 (Editor by Guy Trédaniel, 577 pages, €24). In this book, the authors, Michel-Yves Polloré (industrialist and computer engineer) and Olivier Bonassis (entrepreneur and graduate in theology), assert that scientific advances since the last century make science “New Ally” From God and even provide evidence of his existence.

Position “caricature”, Considered Francois Effie. The purpose of his book Science test God? (Salvatore, 186 pages, €18) Much broader than a simple answer: it is a question of writing a history of the dialogue between science and religion. Catholic theologian, physicist by training and magazine editor studiesFrançois Effie invites science and religion to dialogue without confusing their respective fields.

Your book was presented as a response to Michel-Yves Bolloré and Olivier Bonnassies, and your book says almost nothing. What was your goal exactly?

The topic has intrigued me for a long time. When Bolloré-Bonnassies came out, the idea of ​​sorting out this big and old question of the relationship between science and religion was suggested to me. Their work falls into my own background, because I dedicate a long development to the concept of “evidence” applied to the existence of God.

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But my idea was not to provide an answer. What piqued my interest rather was to go back to the basics of this question. Their work mainly focuses on 20th century theories: this seems too narrow to me. As for their thesis—that science before the twentieth century takes us away from God while afterwards brings us closer to Him—it seems to me caricature, even wrong.

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However, I think the book’s media impact is interesting. This is not the first scenario: we can recall that the book by Jean Jetton and the Bogdanov brothers (God and science, published by Grasset in 1991) has sold 1 million copies. This is one example among many others. This kind of very shocking book, with theses very square, has a chance to meet its audience.

In your view, the term “proof” simply does not apply to God. Prefer the term “registration” there. why ?

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