'I didn't like it at all': Angry Portugal coach sacks Cristiano Ronaldo

'I didn't like it at all': Angry Portugal coach sacks Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is clearly going through a tough time at the moment. The Portuguese, who was already pushed towards a Manchester United exit after his sensational interview, now sees his stock declining even within his national team.

because of ? His gesture towards a South Korean player during a group match, where he asked his opponent to remain calm when he asked him to hurry out. It is an outing that greatly disturbs coach Fernando Santos, who did not hide this before the round of 16, which will bring together Portugal and Switzerland. “At the end of the match, I went for a quick interview and a press conference. I repeat. During the match, I did not hear anything. I only saw him quarreling with one of the Koreans. Since then, I have seen pictures and have not heard anything. I do not like it at all that these issues are resolved internally.He said with a dark look.

Some media, especially in Portugal, are even suggesting that he might be on the bench. “The players will know the starting team when they get to the dressing room, as has always been the case since I have been in this position.”“, Fernando Santos said about it and thus began to communicate.

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