Windows 11, there will be no new preview this week

There will be no new Windows 11 Preview this week. Microsoft announces that no builds will be published on the DEV and BETA channels of the Windows Insider Program. We’ll have to wait a few more days.

Computers currently registered to these two channels can benefit from Windows 11 Build 22581. This version has been available since last week. It comes with a lot of new things. It’s also an indication that Sun Valley 3 will enter development. why ?

Computers registered in the DEV channel will soon move to the CU (Copper) development branch. From our side, we are talking about Sun Valley 3 or even the third major release of Windows 11 scheduled for 2023. For its part, the beta channel will host the next versions of the NI (Nickel) development branch. it’s a Sun Valley 2 Or Windows 11 22H2, due for release this year.

Windows 11, no build, no explanation

Unfortunately, Microsoft gave no explanation for this option by not offering anything this week. During the last similar operation, the company justified itself by clarifying that the planned design was not of sufficient quality to be published even on the DEV channel.

In the meantime, users still have a few days to change channels if they wish.

If you want a more stable version of Windows 11 for the future, you can go for the BETA channel. The process is not complicated. It boils down to three steps.

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Go to this address:

Paramètres > Windows Update > Programme Windows Insider.

Then select “Choose Insider Settings” and then choose the beta channel.

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