HP (unintentionally) promotes macOS in its latest announcement

Everyone makes mistakes, but some are more noticeable than others. It is with the latest HP brand fatal error. Windows PC manufacturer for years, has been promoting it “The perfect laptop” On a Reddit ad. Unfortunately for the person behind this montage, he uses the computer in question macOS.

Ad for Windows PC … under macOS

In its announcement, HP made it clear that its latest PCs have been designed For digital nomads and work from anywhere. » But when you look at the device closely, the operating system the latter uses is like two drops of water for macOS.

In particular, we can recognize the three green, yellow and red buttons to maximize and close the window at the top left. Above, the Apple logo appears in the typical Apple taskbar. Impossible to install on paper macOS on third-party computers.

Agreements between Apple and the outside world are rare, and if OS “7” was opened up to other manufacturers in the 1990s, Steve Jobs would have fallen off course when he returned to head the company.

Officially, such a picture is impossible, but in reality many people manage to run macOS on devices originally designed for Windows. Communities around the world have specialized in this maneuver and many devices are running an operating system other than the original.

HP, Samsung, connection errors numerous

A few hours after this announcement was posted on its Reddit feed, HP deleted the image from the social network. To console itself, the brand can tell itself that it’s not the only one who commits this kind of weirdness.

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A few years ago, Samsung promoted its phones on the social network twitter. Unfortunately, the message was sent from an iPhone, information visible to Internet users who were quick to forward it to the Korean company.

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