Good Deal – Fujifilm X-H2S “5 Star” Camera Box at €2,369.00

Good Deal – Fujifilm X-H2S “5 Star” Camera Box at €2,369.00

Fujifilm hit a blow by showing off its APS-C X-H2S case. With a list of features as long as your arm, the manufacturer wants to make its new camera a strong opponent capable of taking on even the best competitors.

The world of sports photography is now open to Fujifilm for a long time due to the preservation of Canon, Nikon and then Sony. With the X-H2S, the manufacturer changes its tune and offers a case with a less unique construction and, above all, having advanced performance almost entirely on the line. A special reference to autofocus, the strings of real war, which managed to tickle the best competitors without equal. With the X-H2S, Fujifilm offers one of the best APS-C cameras at the moment and perhaps even all categories combined thanks to its welcome versatility.

strength point

  • construction and ergonomics.
  • Moisture and dust resistance.
  • sensor stability.
  • general response.
  • Highly effective AF target detection and tracking in still images and video.
  • Full video mode.
  • Image quality in the video.
  • master rolling shutter.
  • Viewfinder and touch screen on a ball joint.
  • Recharge via USB and shoot during playback.
  • Full connectors and dual slot for storage.

Weak points

  • Sometimes wrong AF tracking.
  • A few twists of Fujifilm’s ergonomics.
  • The maximum amount of cache is perfectly usable only with a high-end memory card.
  • Very limited AF area management.
  • Limited line width.
  • old lists.


With the X-H2, Fujifilm has transformed testing. Her new collection is extremely complete, versatile and virtually flawless. We can always say that the APS-C X-Trans sensor, even if it is 40 MP, is always a step behind the 24 × 36 sensors with equivalent definition. Likewise, AF tracking will need a bit of tweaking to get it right. The X-H2 remains in excellent condition and comfortable on nearly all terrains.

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