Grolheit. A physical therapist who specializes in Lyme disease

Grolheit.  A physical therapist who specializes in Lyme disease

Due to climate change, ticks are already making a comeback. Meeting with Agnes Greca, physiotherapist.

Agnes Greca arrived in Graulheit 8 years ago. She has worked there as a physiotherapist since 2020. Initially based at Place du Mercadial, her consultation site is now at the health-related Place du Bosquet ecopole. In addition to her degree in physical therapy, she also obtained the Occupational Health Practitioner Diploma in 2023 to specialize in the management of certain diseases, in light of the latest scientific discoveries. Over the years, she has specialized in digestive disorders support, hormonal disorders, feminine domain support, Lyme disease, as well as in precise nutritional advice and plant-based therapy for people with cancer. It is clear that all of these supports do not replace traditional medicine. This is in no way a matter of replacing it, but rather of supplementing it.

“I decided to pursue several training courses on the topic of Lyme disease, especially with a doctor who specializes in the natural management of this disease. This topic is close to my heart because it is a disease that can concern all of us. Lyme disease, if it becomes chronic, can significantly affect the quality of life of people who suffer from suffer from it.Patients should know that solutions exist, because they are often desperate to see their health condition deteriorating without knowing that there are ways to treat themselves and get them,” explains the physical therapist.

Simple precautions

To avoid Lyme disease, Agnes Greca recommends prevention: “Wear pants and closed shoes in nature and check for ticks on the skin after walking, especially under the arms, around the navel, behind the ears. There are also natural repellent sprays that can be sprayed.” On clothing, physiotherapy offers many solutions adapted to each case and which, in addition to medication, can allow patients to regain their health. “The sooner this disease is treated, the greater the chances of a rapid recovery.”

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