Vitré: Maria and Xavier set up a Franco-Portuguese association

Maria Baptista and Xavier Lahogue are at the origins of the association © Le Journal de Vitré

Xavier Lahugue and Maria Baptista It was established at the beginning of the year A Franco-Portuguese Association in Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine).

Respectively, Treasurer and President, they created it with a view to allowing Portuguese speakers from the Pays de Vitré To be able to assimilate, and for Vitréans to discover this culture.

Large Portuguese speaking population

“The idea was born from observation. There are a number of Portuguese speakers in the Pays de Vitré. We wanted to do something about it: create exchange and allow some to distance themselves from solitude. The main idea is integration and mutual openness to both cultures. Vitré is a dynamic city, a large number come The Portuguese are here to work. The association will make it possible to establish the contact. »

In fact, the Portuguese-speaking population of the Pays de Vitré is significant because it will be located between 2,000 and 3,000 people.

The goal is to create diversity.

They yearn for integration. Portuguese is spoken in many countries: of course Portugal but also in Brazil, Mauritania, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde…

Very rich culture

Xavier and Maria are fans of Portuguese culture. So it was only natural that they were the origin of this project.

In fact, Xavier went to live for a year in Cape Verde. There he discovered the Portuguese language.

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“I was immersed in the Fado culture and was working only in Portuguese. Originally, Veterín explains,” explains Vetrin.

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Maria, from Portugal, opened Fado, a tapas bar located on Rue Neuve in Vitré, 6 years ago. She says, “A real like.”

I love my assets. Portuguese culture is very rich, historically or even culinary.

many events

Thus the association stimulates exchanges about language, as with Karaoke organization About the songs in both languages. “There’s a good atmosphere, it’s starting well.”

The first Portuguese session was also held. It is awarded on one Sunday in the month. A typical meal of Portuguese cuisine will also be organized.

So the members want to be very dynamic.

“We have a billion ideas in mind. We’d like to put together a football team for the Vitré FIFA World Cup. A few days’ trip to Lisbon around September/October is also in the works. We also want to think big and work with other associations to bring things to life.”

The association also has a partnership with House of World Cultures.

Already thirty members

Note that Maria and Xavier are looking for members to complete the office, including a secretary.

The association currently has about thirty members.

We accept memberships throughout the year. The association is intergenerational because it brings together all ages: the youngest is 27, the oldest is 75. All events take place in Fado.

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