France: officials against the transfer of a prisoner who ate the brains of another prisoner

France: officials against the transfer of a prisoner who ate the brains of another prisoner

Concerned that there were not enough resources, the staff of a French psychiatric hospital vehemently opposed the transfer of a violent detainee who was behind bars for eating the brains of a fellow prisoner with a spoon.

Our professional experience and expertise […] lead us to believe that we have the legitimacy to oppose the transfer of such a patient to our hospital department with a clear and proven potential risk,” the staff of Brive Hospital would have written to the administration, France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine reported on Wednesday.

At the beginning of June, the psychiatric unit learned of a possible transfer of a prisoner nicknamed “the cannibal” because he disembowelled a man in the middle of Brive in 1997, then killed a fellow prisoner before eating his brains. in 2004.

The team, made up of nine women and six men, reportedly expressed their concern in a three-page letter, stating in particular that “no [disposerait] Thus it is not the same human, material and therapeutic means”, but rather a transitional unit of service.

The rules will also be less strict, notably allowing patients to leave their room during the night.

According to French media, this transfer will be organized with a view to possible repatriation, the staff said.

“His transfer to our service appears to be taking place in preparation for his return home. It seems very unlikely […] That a psychiatrist ask for his release and that a state representative certify him,” would it also be written.

A final transfer decision is expected to be heard on Friday.

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