Prime Minister Netanyahu says Israel does not seek to rule Gaza

Prime Minister Netanyahu says Israel does not seek to rule Gaza

(Washington) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed, on Thursday evening, that Israel’s goal is neither to rule nor to occupy Gaza, where, according to him, the army is progressing “very well” in its attack against Hamas.

He said on the American Fox News channel: “I believe that the Israeli army is working in an exceptional way,” once again rejecting the idea of ​​a ceasefire.

“There is one thing we did not accept, which is a ceasefire. A ceasefire with Hamas means surrender and there will be no agreement without the release of the hostages,” Netanyahu said when asked about his talks with US President Joe Biden.

He added: “But we agreed to establish safe corridors” for the passage of civilian residents from the north of the Gaza Strip to its south.

The leader stressed that Israel has no intention of staying in Gaza in the long term.

“We are not seeking to rule Gaza. We do not seek to occupy it, but rather we seek to give it and us a better future,” he said, adding that Israel does not seek to “displace anyone.”

In response to a question about his plan for the future of the Palestinian territories, he said that it should be “demilitarized, demilitarized and rebuilt.” He added: “We will have to find a government, a civilian government that will be there,” without specifying who could form such a government.

Regarding the field progress of the Israeli army, the Israeli Prime Minister estimated that it “is working very well in its fight against terrorists on the ground and underground.” He said: “We will continue until we eliminate Hamas” and “nothing will stop us.”

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“I have set goals, but I have not set a timetable because it may take longer,” he said. “I would like it to take a short time. But we are moving forward step by step, minimizing our losses while trying to minimize and minimize civilian casualties and maximize the losses of Hamas terrorists, and so far, I think everything is going well.”

The conflict began as Israel was close to reaching a peace agreement with Saudi Arabia. Mr. Netanyahu insisted that the conflict would not torpedo diplomatic dynamics and that conditions would be “right” for the resumption of negotiations after the destruction of Hamas.

“I think the conditions will be met. In fact, after winning, I think they will be more mature.

The war in Gaza began on October 7 with Hamas massacres that killed 1,400 people in Israel, most of them civilians, according to Israeli authorities. In order to “eliminate” Hamas, the Israeli army is bombing Gaza’s 2.4 million people day and night, and at least 10,800 of them have been killed, according to the Hamas Ministry of Health.

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