Forza Horizon 6 is officially in development, Playground employs | Xbox One

Forza Horizon 6 is officially in development, Playground employs |  Xbox One

Playground Games currently has three games in development within its teams. The first is to follow Forza Horizon 5The second is mythAnd the third Forza Horizon 6whose development has officially begun.

Forza Horizon 6 in development and pre-production

Forza Horizon 6 – Concept by Petrodonzelli

This time, it’s official since the British developer posted a file advertisement Recruit a level designer who will join the Forza Horizon team for the next game of the popular franchise.

You’ll be part of the level design team in the upcoming AAA title, and you’ll be responsible for creating fun and playable gaming experiences. During pre-production, you will work closely with environment artists to create and replicate white box environments that demonstrate core gameplay concepts.

As a member of the design team, the designated person will be responsible for large sections of the game map as well as a team of junior colleagues to accompany him on his mission.

Of course, no further information has been filtered and it will still be necessary to wait some time before knowing the new destination or new country to discover it in the next game. If we’ve heard a lot about Japan for Forza Horizon, all options are still unlocked today, feel free to share your wishes in the comments or at discord.

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