The iPhone 14 can now contact emergency services via satellite in France

Apple has deployed its emergency satellite messaging functionality in several European countries, including France, on its iPhone 14.

Already available in North America, this very useful feature has arrived in France today iPhone 14, 14 PlusAnd 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. It is now possible to call the emergency services if necessary, even from an area where there is no connection or network.

Two years free benefit

While designing it, Apple implemented in iPhone 14 A miniature antenna that allows for satellite communications. A remarkable feat, this technology usually requires a lot more space. After, after It was announced last September Then it was deployed in North America, and the apple brand has activated its system in many new countries and in particular in France (including Corsica, Saint-Barthey, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon). It was specified that the service would be free for two years, but the brand has not yet said anything about what economic model it could adopt after that.

French emergency centers are not equipped to receive SMS, here’s how this happens when the satellite emergency call function is activated.

After dialing 112 (other French emergency numbers should arrive in the iOS 16.2 update), the smartphone will first see if it can access the operator’s network. If he cannot, he will offer to send an SMS via satellite. In this case, you will have to follow the instructions on the screen and point your laptop to the correct satellite of the Globalstar network to get the best connection.

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Enhance communication speed

When a satellite connection is made, the user is connected to an employee at the Apple Relay Center. Then you have to answer a few questions. Information, occupation and medical form (which must be completed in advance on your smartphone As we explained in this article) from the person in need to emergency services who then take over.

To speed up the process and help in emergency situations, Apple has made sure to reduce the weight of the message by 300%. Thus, according to the information shared on the service, it takes only 15 seconds to send and receive a message under the best conditions.

The satellite calling feature will be activated if no network is detected. You should then point your smartphone in the direction of the nearest satellite. © Apple

It is important to stress that it is, for the time being, however, only a service intended for emergencies. It is used if someone is injured or lost in an area without any network. This feature does not allow you to make calls, access the Internet, or chat with friends via messages. However, it is possible to share your location with your emergency contacts. Apple provided an option to test the service without prejudice to the emergency services. Just go to settings and then emergency calls And choose the test.

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