Football: The Portuguese did well

Football: The Portuguese did well

The Portuguese team Porto from Amiens, author of a regular match, determined the damage to a 0-0 draw against Saint-Maximin on Michelet’s new artificial turf.

There were qualifiers at the Feignies last Sunday, but this weekend, “We had a little break after the cut where we did a lot of shooting.” Explain Claude KingPortuguese assistant coach in Amiens. a result, “At the beginning of the game, we couldn’t get into it.” This was exemplified by the complete inability to settle in the Issarian camp during the first 20 minutes and the opportunities presented by the difficulties in recovery. but not makivic (7′), and no Pozzuolo (11′), although well positioned, does not find the frame.

Then, the people of Amiens put out the fire a bit by carrying the ball up and even initiating some moves that didn’t work, such as a cross in the penalty area but behind the partner’s back or a rebound shot by a team member. Not being dangerous, Benoît Sturbois’ men are well paid to return to the locker room with the draw, after one last huge chance. makivicall alone in the zone against Gningue who finally smashes his putt browser (45′ + 2).

what I say Claude King At the break, Saint-Maximin could have “It’s 2-0 up, in the first half, they have 3 chances, we don’t have any, we were lucky. » Benoit storboa more offensive, which qualifies this first period as “Disgusting (sic) both in fighting and in the use of the ball.”

Better, but not enough

However, upon his return from the locker room, “We’re trying to get back to where we are, we started well in the first 15 of the second period.”Claude King notes. This is especially notable, in the midst of well-constructed movements but without consequence, when, after the work of Piim and the support of Reynolds, Despois discovers da vega in depth. However, the Amiens striker lost his duel with Johir (55 marks). But this momentum was interrupted by a 5-minute stoppage after the big injury to the visiting left-back. Yannis Bouaziz.

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Behind him, though less rambunctious than in the first half, the Portuguese found face closer to this initial act. illustrated by a muddled output from Gningue who regains skin on a deep ball, but loses it in the process. But when the goal was empty, Saint-Maximinoise’s attempt ended wide (68′). However, Amiens responded immediately. Da Veiga’s bid finds Piim, who brings him back with a touch Peas At 6 m, the pyloric stumbling block Esrin (70 °C). The last jolt of Amiens’ strong time.

Demba Gningue notices Saint-Maximin’s last huge chance to knock the bar.

At the back we can report a direct free kick attempt Leclench (79′) and a long shot from cup (88′), out of frame in both cases. Before we see the meeting end like the first period, with a miracle saving the Samaritans. Upon losing the ball, Bozzolo steps onto the roof and instead of going there on his own, turns Present Each pivot is complete alone, which ultimately puts his attempt above (90′ +4). What prompted a sigh of relief at the end of the second period “A little bit better as we felt a team that wanted to play more, that liberated themselves a bit.” but through it Benoit storboa Not all have the same “Not found [s]We are one team. »

Good point, though

So, after such a complicated encounter, though ” frustrated “ not to win, Benoit storboa he is too “Very happy to look at the face of the match.” And there are still several reasons to be positive: “Bent, but not broken, that says a lot state of mind this chapter. »

What is added is a rather good process. In fact, the Portuguese stayed leaders Without losing points to direct competitors: “A day goes by, we stay where we were, that’s fine. That current situationSo we took Good pointIt’s the winning weekend. »

It’s time to find, perhaps, a few guys at their best. Claude King didn’t just explain it to us Vincent Facquier He played with pain in the adductor, which explains his premature exit, but also the absence of Jonathan Isambart had an impact: “Joe, we know his qualities, we see in the first half that we didn’t necessarily have his ability to come in and create play and movement. Joe’s absence hurt us.”

FC Porto Amiens – USA Saint-Maximin : 0-0 (0-0)

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Portuguese club Porto Amiens : Gningue – Idez, Seguenebou, Ameur, Wable (Devauchelle 82′), Siradjidini – Cupelle, Facquier (Piim 40′) – Despois – Renold (Poidevin 68′), Da Veiga

American Saint-Maximin : Johar – Bouaziz (Samora 64), Pinto, Leclench, Aguaou – Gutiam (Gadeo 74′), Fouqui – Lefebvre (Roger 46′), Bouzzulu, Remmash – Makevec

Morgan Schumer
Photo credit: Reynald Valleron – Sports Gazette

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