Before the US Congress, Michael Chung calls for the formation of a united front against China Canada-China relations

Before the US Congress, Michael Chung calls for the formation of a united front against China  Canada-China relations

Testifying before a US Congressional committee about his experience as an alleged target of Chinese foreign interference, Conservative Representative Michael Chung stressed the importance of close cooperation between the United States and Canada to present a united front against China.

Foreign interference poses a serious national security problem for Canada […] A range of measures are needed to combat it, including close cooperation between allied democracies.

This cooperation, he said, requires greater information exchange, sharing of best models and practices regarding the potential suppression of criminal activities and the establishment of effective legislative models.

Canada, in particular, could draw inspiration from foreign agent registries in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, he said.

The MP for Wellington-Halton Hills shared his personal experience, but also spoke about the thousands of other Canadians of Chinese descent who he said are suffering various forms of intimidation by China.

He cited several tactics allegedly used by the Chinese Communist Party, including forcing students of Chinese descent to attack Tibetan or Uyghur activists, minorities targeted by Chinese authorities.

My experience is just a case of Beijing’s interference in Canada; Many other cases go unreported or unnoticed, and victims suffer in silence.

Mr. Zhong was called to testify before the Congressional-Executive Committee on China after committee members read reports that his family had been the target of intimidation by Beijing.

This bipartisan committee consists of U.S. Senators, House members, and administration officials.

The aim of the hearing attended by Mr Chung was to highlight Beijing’s use of transnational repression.

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Other scheduled witnesses include Yana Gorokhovskaya of the pro-democracy think tank Freedom House, Laura Harth, campaign director of the group Human Rights Defenders, and Uyghur activist Rushan Abbas.

In a statement, the committee accused China A systematic attempt to rewrite global standards and using everything from forced deportations and surveillance to online harassment and street attacks to intimidate dissidents and political prisoners.

With information from The Canadian Press

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