Five clubs have qualified for the French Cup

Five clubs have qualified for the French Cup

in the Alsace Cup

Ibbig-Wegersheim: 0 – 1.

half the time: 0-0.

arbitrator: Mr. Fusu nadi.

Goal: Citizen (12H).

Against a D1 opponent, we found the home team in good weather with the desire to put in a good performance. The elimination was a bit harsh due in part to the fact that the match was misinterpreted by the refereeing trio.

The visitors create the first big chance of the 3H by Morden. Wegersheim opened the scoring through Lemand, who took advantage of a simple defensive error to defeat Alemli. Locals return to the game and at 18 o’clockH Karman rushes alone towards the goal, and goalkeeper Will goes out to meet him and makes a big mistake outside the area that prevents the local player from scoring. The referee whistles a free kick well but does not disqualify the goalkeeper who should have been shown a red card. Alessi executed the free kick brilliantly, but his shot hit the box. Epfig continues to press and creates good chances through Démiri, Leininger and Alici. Fegersheim rarely managed to endanger the well-established local rearguard.

After the break, the discussions became a bit more level-headed, but the locals are the most dangerous. An hour later, Demeri finds that he has lost his recovery. On the opposite side, Feg has a great chance to double down but Elkiran puts his shot over the top. In the last quarter of an hour, Henard’s sons rushed to try to snatch the equaliser, but to no avail. In a final free kick, Dougrou’s header was unfortunately overtaken (90+2). The building is being run down despite the good performance which suggests better days.

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1 – 1 (7-6 tabs).

half the time: 1-1.

arbitrator: Mr. Christ.

Objectives: Diabate (23H sp) for Artulshim; Belkhir (31H) to Hettenheim.

The two teams will meet in the league, and the match was close and penalty kicks were awarded between the two teams.

at 15HMoses Boateng intervened in his place, but his shot was blocked by distortion. In a nice group move, Diego Bernardino passed the ball to Moussa Boateng, whose shot was deflected by the visiting hand. The punishment was unstoppably diverted by Diabate. Locals get a little intimidated at some ball outings. A poor pass was intercepted, and the ball slipped to Belkhir who had no choice but to push the ball down. Hottenheim don’t stop there and Nair, the best man on the ground, will top the entire defense twice. In the first, a cross passes without finding an outlet, and in the second, it finds François, who deflects off the post.

Early in the second half, Artulsheim had the chance to pass but Moussa Boateng missed the head-to-head. A direct free kick by Al-Naqawi is converted into a corner. This 2H The first half was also not rich in opportunities. Huttenheim manages the middle better, but like the locals, the approach to the rooftop remains chaotic. Every team has a great chance. For USH, Alizadeh is served perfectly but he is losing control. The number of visitors is reduced to 10 for the last quarter of an hour, without seeing the difference. On the flip side, Uhlen tries some lunges. We have to wait for the final minutes to see Bernardino’s cross towards Kony strongly in the 6th minute m to conclude. Durmisovski (USH) last shot missed. The first to get the chance to qualify was the black and white team, but the shot of the Liberian player Waner was saved by François. After two failures on both sides, Olin didn’t waver to lift Artulsheim to 3-3. Finally Schmidt sends the building to 2H circular.

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Helsenheim-Maussig: 0 – 3.

half the time: 0-2.

arbitrator: Mr. Lubert.

Objectives: cochet (25H), Miesbach (30H) BAGARD (75H).

A heavy defeat for the local team against the Mossig team, which imposed its game without radiating. from 8H, Goalkeeper Narito saves his team from a defensive error. Young Beryl causes misfortune on the left side of the building. On one of his shots, followed by a centre-back, Cochet opened the scoring. In another counter-attack, Miesbach escapes the penetrating local defense to score 0-2 in half an hour.

2H The period is similar to the first with far too many badly negotiated positions by FCH costing them dearly. On one of them, Bagard will score 3-0. Helsenheim suffered a logical defeat due to its defensive fragility and lack of offensive efficiency, linked to the lack of cohesion of the middle.

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