Santa Claus begins delivery of Christmas Eve to SLC Hospitals

Santa Claus begins delivery of Christmas Eve to SLC Hospitals

Salt Lake City – After the year we spent, I even needed Santa Claus for a little start on Christmas Eve.

That’s why he visited LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City on Thursday night instead of Friday morning.

He wanted to make sure the healthcare workers got an early gift.

Santa also visited Children’s Elementary Hospital and University of Utah Hospital on Thursday.

He was delivering pizzas and snack boxes for healthcare workers who are not taking off today.

Emergency situations do not pay attention to calendars.

“This was the best way to find out how to bring a little joy to people who have to work,” he said.

It’s a Christmas Eve tradition that David Lamb has been doing for years.

The lamb, dressed as Santa Claus, fed health care workers, and said, “You must spread goodwill and encouragement.” “And I love Christmas.”

Lamb said he remembers how hard his mother-in-law worked for two decades at Dixie Regional Medical Center in southern Utah.

“We used to go spend Christmas in St. George and wait for her to open the gifts and she will come home exhausted because work was,” Lamb said. “So my wife and I decided this was what we were going to do. We wanted to bring them some joy and thank them for the work.”

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Usually, Lamb bakes and brings those baked goods to hospitals.

However, this year, thanks to the large lump of coal known as COVID-19, bring them pizza and snack boxes instead.

He knows that nurses and doctors have had a difficult year.

“Our health care workers have been under a lot of pressure, and if we can add a little something to their lives this evening, having a little appreciation for what they’re doing makes it good for me,” he said.

Moreover, you never know when a trip down the chimney might require a hospital visit.

Maybe Santa Claus is heating them up just in case. But even if he doesn’t visit the emergency room, he knows that the medical personnel are looking after other patients.

And they will not be hungry when doing this.

“They really appreciate it,” Lamb said. “They appreciate that people remember it.”


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