These adventurous tourists climb Portugal’s most famous bridge without safety

These adventurous tourists climb Portugal’s most famous bridge without safety

The Mecca of Portuguese tourism, this red bridge in Lisbon, suspended over the Tagus, offers stunning views and attracts thrill-seekers, but this time the bold has flirted with the forbidden. Five young Britons pushed the limits of adventure by climbing without safety: they recount their incredible adventure.

The 25 April Bridge is one of the iconic buildings that dominates Lisbon’s skyline. Inspired by San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate, this red suspension bridge majestically extends more than two kilometers over the Tagus River, connecting the city to Almada. Its dramatic silhouette that can be seen from afar and impressive height not only makes it an important part of the transportation infrastructure, but it is also a popular tourist attraction offering stunning views of the Portuguese capital. Its columns are 190 meters high, making it the second tallest structure in the entire country.

Is that why they chose him? certainly. These five young Britons not only defied gravity, but also the law, by climbing without protection. Their adventure took them 190 meters above the Tagus River, a stunning playground for the most daring. These brave people, without safety equipment, set out to climb this symbolic structure, with one of them, a 21-year-old young man, who spoke on condition of anonymity to the Portuguese media Viagens, explaining: “We climbed through a metal pipe.” Then We reached the main cable. We had no safety equipment.” Despite the morning humidity, they maintained a strong grip on the cables: “The surface was wet… but it didn’t affect our grip much.”

Their work did not go unnoticed and ended up attracting the attention of the authorities. After they reached the top of the southern column, the police intercepted the young men. The result ? Detained for more than 35 hours and confiscating their video devices, an outcome they did not expect. Oddly enough, ascension was not the main goal of their journey. “It wasn’t really our goal, but something I wanted to do,” the young man shares, emphasizing the impulsiveness of their decision. Their attitude towards heights is revealing: “I was never afraid of heights. When I was young, I actually climbed everywhere.”

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The adventure dates back to April 2022, but photos on social networks have only just resurfaced. It raises a crucial question: Where does the line lie between thrill-seeking and respect for the law? These young people have chosen to share their journey on social media, not for the sake of admiration, but to immortalize an experience that few will have the opportunity to live.

Although they downplay the risks — “It’s not as serious or scary as people think” — their experience remains a powerful reminder that some boundaries are there for good reasons. Their story is a complex mix of daring, youth and a quest for freedom that, even in an increasingly police-controlled world, still finds its way to unexpected heights.

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