Football: The Portuguese fell hard

Having been outdone at home 1-7 on grass by BOVET (N2), the Portuguese from Amiens could not have hoped to go any further than this fourth round of the Coupe de France.

The start of the match was superior to the Portuguese, Porto, Amiens. Less than ten minutes later, the mass was already said. Firstly because Odzoumo knew how to escape on the right side, find Mauquit, and Diakhit He was able to resume the previous strike of Amiens victoriously (0-1, 4 ohms). Then because losing the ball in the camp of the Samaritans, in red for the occasion, is allowed saco Lube Gningue, very advanced (0-2, 6′). Finally, because Popelard hit a nice shot over the defense to find Odzoumo who served the opposite post Tori alone to push the ball to the bottom (0-3, 8).

The start of the match can only regret it Benoit Storboabetween We give him a second goal. – Even if it’s more lenient, considering it “Losing the ball, when you try to play, there Waste, it happens. » And two more goals “In cases where Players have been warned. » However, it was accurate, “This start to the match, given the quality of the opposite players, could not have been different.” As for the fact that the match started with offensive inclinations, as both sides were very high, and therefore the parties are bald in the transfers, the Amiens coach did not regret this: ” We do not Never so fun. Especially when you have no players and no spirit to defend. »

insisted buffet

But it is clear, therefore, “game over. “ This has yet to dampen the enthusiasm of the N2 residents. paid set his head aside at an angle (12 ′), Mocket Gningue attempted a free kick (16°), Tori He put himself in a perfect position by taking advantage of the missing ball and then the evasive exit of Gningue, but he mistook his recovery at the pivot, facing the empty goal (17′), and finally, Odzoumo, sent to de Toure a beautiful opening, lacking his control allowing Gningue to by interfering Mocketthat followed, do not find hail On his line to press Mail (24′).

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But finally, out of suffering, it happened. Angle deviation is allowed saco to find himself alone against Gningue in the far post and to adjust (0-4, 29′). And the only real chance for Amiens in this first half, a blow fromthe love After a combination with Da Veiga, he spun without the slightest risk into Kouame Gloves (35′). Finally, after another missed opportunity Odzumo (38′), the Izarians drove the point home just before the break. After a good ball of rugs for Tori In turn, the latter stumbled upon Gningue who pushed back into a corner. victorious in the lead paidUnfortunately for the locals (0-5, 42 degrees).

Apparently a bit frustrated, Benoit Sturbois didn’t want his players despite River’s score, having seen them ready to take on even stronger ones.

The Portuguese did not give up

What must be particularly frustrating when you come back to the locker room and sink even more into the second half? It could have been more imagined given his inception. First work, ride Neighborsbarely entered, full axis, stinged above Gningue and new target (0-6, 47). But the Portuguese did not part and gradually tried to raise their heads despite the result. “I think we made Best second halfeven if the work is done with the Beauvais buffet » Benoit Strobois risked himself despite the enormity of the outcome.

In fact, it is difficult to prove him wrong. If the obvious opportunities weren’t many, we’ve seen his men Catch the ball better and better accentuated over time, as if the minutes that passed at the end allowed the Amiens to assess what they needed to produce to be present – as if the passage of time brought the Iseris closer to qualification and perhaps made the need to widen the gap less urgent.

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In total, there are two real opportunities, all the same, through Isambartwell positioned in the surface but unable to find the target, at the conclusion of a nice mass movement (52′) then by Bodyvin, he set off in a duel against Kwame but passed his shot too much (72′). Before the center of things on the right side that I found peas who pushed the ball deep with a flat foot (1-6, 83). But the Beauvaisiens put on gear after that for the few minutes left, like a ballOdzumo, was certainly not successful despite the large presence (88′). And the fluffafter the first blow blocked by a partner (maybe a sneak, but that’s a story adventure given the fate of the meeting), I finally manage to trick Gningue one last time (1-7, 89).

in spite of that, Benoit Storboa So he was fairly positive about his team’s second period: “At 5-0 in the first half, you can imagine the players entering the field and scoring goals, we only took two goals, we put in a goal, we tried production game, To correct some things, a game immediately after the opponent’s draw. I am satisfied with the behavior From the second half, which indicates that The players did not crack And that we can count on them. »

There were three worlds far apart. In the content, we are not silly, but in the efficiency with which it is played.

Benoit Sorpoise

lesson will serve

In general, he came out of this meeting, contrary to all expectations, not shot Absolutely. » Quite simply because in this kind of match, “There should be no regrets and nothing” Because The step was too high, there is nothing to say. » The FCPPA was simply able to gauge the gap between him and the Beauvais who came up with the idea of ​​being as serious as possible: “It was much faster, Much faster, much smarter. There were three worlds far apart. In the content, we are not silly, but in the efficiency with which it is played. We feel that once it speeds up, things go faster. »

It is enough to show almost positive fatalism, not beating the players at all: “With 3 goals conceded in 10 minutes we can think we’re giving the game, but Didn’t the players do the right thing? I don’t believe in that. Should I have done differently? I don’t think so either. »

As for the fact that Benoit Streboat warned before this confrontation of the psychological impact that it might have “Depending on how and how much we lose”He seemed paradoxically optimistic. “We will take this defeat as learning” He was already very analyzing. “I don’t think it will leave any trace. There are some situations that have not gone through hard, but will pass in R2. That is useful. The sharpness imposed by Beauvais compelled us to Pull, to work faster in what we produced. I think it will help us in the future. If we can get him back into the league, that could be really painful. » It remains to be seen whether A trip to Saint-Maximin Next Sunday he will prove him right.

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Porto (R2) – AS Beauvais Oise (N2) : 1-7 (0-5)

Goals: Desbois (83′) in favor of Amiens. Diakhité (4′), Sakho (6′, 29′), Tori (8′), Paye (42′), Geran (47′), Azbague (89′) for Beauvais

Porto Amiens : Gningue – Ameur, Wable (Ribeiro 54′), Seguenebou (Poidevin 60′), Siradjidini – Cupelle (Devauchelle 67), Facquier – Isambart, Despois, Idez – Da Veiga

buffet : Kouame – Digbeu, Conde, Paye, Musquet – Popelard, Diakhité (Azbague 77′) – Odzoumo, Mauquit (Geran 46′), Touré – Sakho (Lemaire 56′)

Morgan Schumer
Image credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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