Finally, Asus announces 24/48GB memory support!

Finally, Asus announces 24/48GB memory support!

after MSI, Gigabyte And asrockAsus has also announced support for 24/48 GB memory kits, and the company announces that its motherboards are equipped with Slices The Intel 600 and 700 series will fully support the modules DDR5 24/48 GB in size.

Small bios update for Asus!

However, contrary to the announcements of MSI and Gigabyte, on Asus it will be necessary to update the bios on the motherboard. To do this, we will go to the Asus website to download and follow the latest version Brand action. During the process, be careful not to cut off the power supply computer.

Once in bios Updated, you can take advantage of sticks Large capacity memories. As for the competitors, know that this support is within the reach of motherboards equipped Slices Intel in the 600 and 700 series. This applies to all Asus ranges, be it Prime, TUF Gaming, ROG Strix or ROG Maximus.

In addition, the brand emphasizes the extensive aspect of the tests carried out jointly with memory kits from pirate. It must be said that the American brand is the only one, as far as we know, that has released RAM with such capabilities. Furthermore, Asus announces modular support 48 GB recorded at 7000 MB/sec.

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