NASA wonders how the wreckage of persistence ended up there

NASA wonders how the wreckage of persistence ended up there

Mars view Huge and desert. Yes, but that didn’t stop rover Persevere facing one of its wrecks head-on… On Monday, June 13, 2022, the rover actually captured an image showing a shiny object stuck between two rocks. Something that has no Martian origin!

This is actually a piece of the jet heat shield on himfrom him Gently persevere deposition on Mars. These materials are used to prevent the rover from overheating during its descent intoambiance Martian. If finding this kind of debris at the landing site is completely normalFalling on it more than two kilometers from the place of disembarkation is the least expected.

Its presence far from the landing site intrigues scientists NASA : Did this debris land there during the descent, or was it transported by Wind Next time ? mystery. Finding such a piece of debris in the middle of the immensity of Mars is, in any case, a real stroke of luck!

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