[Éliminatoires de l’Euro-2024] Portugal and CR7 arrive very soon

[Éliminatoires de l’Euro-2024] Portugal and CR7 arrive very soon

Roud Léiwen has so much to analyze and confirm against another opponent on their scale, after Slovakia, that the ogre arrives in the group very soon.

The atmosphere is a little weird about choosing Luxembourg. And the conversations are awkward. Holtz and his men returned from Slovakia with a point and very confused feelings, torn between this certainty that they were not at all up to what they knew how to do in construction and not immediately realizing how they were, in spite of everything, on the same level as the opponent.

Stubborn and monotonous after the meeting, “not satisfied with the method”, that’s it, the coach has since revised his version: “I’m less critical of our performance.” It is a little reason to take back his rights, for the Roud Léiwen, in Trnava, never had any difficulty other than their own estimates. And it was clear that they had room. Thus Francesco Calzona, his counterpart, admitted that “if I had played this match in September, we would have lost it 4-0”.

Inevitably, when Luke Holtz again complained about the “lack of variance in the races”, the absence of initiatives aimed at “looking behind the lines by playing in the air rather than always playing on the ground”, but also “inaccuracies and poor selection when there were Interesting recovery cases ”, when he continued his speech by saying that“ this scenario will serve us next time ”, we said to ourselves: but yes, it would be nice to immediately send an outsider!

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It’s the great comeback of “The Beast.”

Iceland or Bosnia, that’s what was needed, as a calendar. In this group where almost everything seems possible – which does not mean that it is -, determining the true level of this team and defining the aspirations that it can (or should) have in 2023 settle many debates, sterile at the moment. Including one, necessary … because it is useless, from the number of points to consider. Portugal arrives very early. For our players anyway. They needed to settle the question of the level compared to the worthy top 50 countries in the world. Are they almost there? Obviously, this bothers them a bit.

For today’s audience, the question doesn’t even exist. It is intruded by the event. The short term takes precedence over the medium term and the entire Grand Duchy looks elsewhere. We can’t talk to him about his team’s form when his ardent supporters think of a celebratory game. We can’t give him an analysis of his choice game when he’s only operating on the emotion of “The Beast” returning.

This is indeed the return of the monster Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal’s national pride, who has entered a little more into the round ball complex thanks to the grace of his number 197.H Pick, Thursday, against Liechtenstein. It makes him the most capped player in all sports in history. From the world. And even, well, from world history. How can the national sporting interest be weighed against a myth that is still being written and will once again pass through Luxembourg? Well, opening the statue, look! By creating the loophole! Because if no one hangs Slovakia at home anymore, it will be possible to do it against the Seleção at home. As long as it’s not too early.

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