Rugby World Cup: All you need to know about Portugal

Rugby World Cup: All you need to know about Portugal

Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup: All you need to know about Portugal

Posted Sep 5, 2023 at 2:23 pm

With the 2023 Rugby World Cup fast approaching, Le 10 Sport brings you a presentation of each of the 20 teams that will take part in the tournament. Episode 15 of this series with Portugal, who will start their campaign on September 16, against Wales (5:45pm).

After winning the replay tournament against Kenyal United State and l Hong Kongthe Portugal qualified for the second Rugby World Cup from its history. Trained by the French Patrice Lajesquetthe former coach of Biarritz and appearance France’s fifteenth, which contains many dual nationals, the Portuguese selection is progressing slowly but surely. It is from there that he hopes to claim his first win in the A.S worldwide ? It looks like the issue is still going badly…

Portugal in reconstruction

In a country where football is king, rugby is struggling to find its place, and the evidence is there. those we call Os Lobos, the WolvesThey still have amateur players in their ranks. Rugby pitches are rare Portugal This partly explains the decline in democratization of the oval ball sport. The Portuguese selection only marks the 16th place in the ranking Rugby world Now, this is quite an anomaly for a country that is extremely sporting and also produces talent in other disciplines. the Wolves Will participate in the second world Cup date, 16 years after their first engagement in 2007 when they slapped before all blacks 108 to 13. The goal this year will not be to qualify for the quarter-finals, quite the opposite. On the one hand, this is impossible given the team and competitors who are in Group C. On the other hand, this world Cup It is just one step, and certainly an important one, in the process of rebuilding Portuguese rugby in the long term. Mike Hager, the 34-year-old experienced bitch, doesn’t admit defeat in advance. ” We did well, we worked hard and we keep doing it. We hope this will bear fruit in the World Cup matches. We know these matches will be very exciting because we have great teams in our group (3rd place, with Australia, Georgia, Fiji and Wales, editor’s note). It is up to us to find out! He said in an interview with rugbyrama. All this is the damage we wish for this Portuguese team.

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The band is complete

On August 28 Boss Portugal, Patrice LajesquetAnd she revealed her list of 33 players who were selected to participate in that world Cup. The French coach did not make any surprising choices for this Portuguese choice. Almost half of the selected players are developing in French clubs.


– Antonio Machado Santos, 25 years old, 1 d 86, 113 kg

– David Costa, 24 years old, 1 d 82, 113 kg

– Diogo Hase Ferreira, 26 years old, 1m76, 116kg

Francisco Fernandez, 38 years old, 1m84, 113kg

Francisco Bruno, 28 years old, 1:80 min, 120 kg

– Anthony Alves, 34 years old, 1 d 85, 121 kg


– Duarte Diniz, 27 years old, 1 d 82, 95 kg

Lionel Cambridge, 35 years old, 1m70, 98kg

– Mike Tadger, 34 years old, 1m83, 119kg

Second lines:

– Duarte Torgal, 25 years old, 1m91, 110kg

– Jose Madeira, 22 years old, 1m95, 104kg

– Martim Bello, 22 years old, 1m94, 105kg

– Stevie Cerqueira, 30 years old, 2.06, 114 kg

Third lines:

– Manuel Picao, 26 years old, 1 d 85, 98 kg

– Nicholas Martins, 24 years old, 1 d96, 100 kg

– Rafael Simoes, 32 years old, 1m95, 106kg

Joao Granit, 26 years old, 1m85, 97kg

– Tybalt de Freitas, 31 years old, 1m 88, 107kg

– David Wallis de Carvalho, 26 years old, 1:90 min, 100 kg

Scrum half:

Joao Bello, 28 years old, 1m68, 77kg

– Pedro Lucas, 22 years old, 1 d 75, 71 kg

Samuel Marquez, 34 years old, 1 d 77, 76 kg

fly half:

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– Jeronimo Portela Moraes, 22 years old, 1m92, 87kg

– Joris Mora, 23 years old, 1m 86, 89kg

– Nuno Souza Guedes, 28 years old, 1m77, 80kg


– Thomas Appleton (captain), 30 years old, 1d82, 92kg

Jose Lima, 31 years old, 1m86, 95kg

– Pedro Bettencourt, 28 years old, 1 d 88, 99 kg


– Rodrigo Marta, 23 years old, 1m84, 87kg

– Vincent Pinto, 24 years old, 1 d 87, 93 kg

– Rafael Costa Storte, 22 years old, 1m84, 89kg


Manuel Cardoso Pinto, 25 years old, 1 d 81, 78 kg

– Simao Pinto, 22 years old, 1m78, 74kg

portuguese programme

Member of the group C, the Portugal It will begin its journey against Wales on September 16, before continuing with Georgia, Australia and finally Fiji.

– September 16th5:45pm Allianz Riviera (Nice): Wales-Portugal (M6)

– September 23rd2:00 p.m. at Toulouse Stadium: Georgia – Portugal.M6)

– October 1st5.45pm at Stade Geoffroy Guichard (Saint-Etienne): Australia-Portugal (France 2)

– October 8th9:00 pm at the stadium (Toulouse): Fiji – Portugal (M6)

Portugal’s strengths and weaknesses

the Portugal He will have the advantage of playing without pressure. This recklessness unleashes the expression of talent in some players. In addition, the French crew that was selected is experienced and has brought a certain structure to this team which will not be ridiculous in this matter. worldwide.

However, Wolves She remains very inexperienced for competition of this caliber. Although they have only been defeated once in their last 9 matches, the Portuguese regularly face small European teams who are light years away from their future opponents such as Australiathe Gaul or even Fiji.

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