RSCA Futsal lost heavily to Sporting Portugal in the semi-finals

RSCA Futsal lost heavily to Sporting Portugal in the semi-finals

RSCA Futsal lost to Portuguese club Sporting (7-1) in the semi-finals of the Futsal Champions League on Friday in Palma de Mallorca in Spain.

The beginning of the match was disastrous for Anderlecht, who conceded four goals in the first five minutes. In the Spanish arena, where the matches of the Final Four of the competition are held, Portuguese realism punished the wait-and-see attitude of the people of Brussels in the specific stages. Two more goals followed before returning to the locker room.

Leading 6-0 early in the second half, the RSCA futsal team nonetheless bounced back into the game, managing to salvage the honor through Jelovcic in a defensive roundup of Sporting. The last Portuguese goal made the final score 7-1, while Anderlecht played the end of the match aggressively without being able to close the gap.

Anderlecht, who have never before reached this stage of competition in their history, will have the chance to finish high when they play the mini final on Sunday at 5:00pm. However, Mauves Grélio’s captaincy is in doubt after he had to leave the field before the final whistle due to knee pain.

The future opponent of the RSCA futsal team will be known after the host team meets Palma de Mallorca and another Portuguese club, Benfica, at 21:00. The final takes place on Sunday at 8:00 pm.

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