Downloading videos in HD is available, but there is a limit

Downloading videos in HD is available, but there is a limit

The function of sending videos in HD on WhatsApp has come out of beta and started rolling out to our smartphones. Very easy to use, but very limited.

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there WhatsApp for instant messages It finally seems to want to allow us to make the most of our smartphone capabilities. More specifically than The quality of photos and videos that we can capture. More recently, the Meta app allows you to share photos in their original definition, without compression. Therefore, it lacked the ability to do the same with videos, a feature that WhatsApp has been testing in beta since last June.

At that time we already knew thatIt will not be a complete transfer, without any change of any kind to the file. We can understand this as far as our mobile devices Almost all movies are in 4K by default. Therefore, the size of the videos is very important, and sharing them as they are can cause problems for the messaging servers in the long run. althoug, The limit for sending in HD is disappointing.

How to send a high definition video on WhatsApp

The function is very easy to use. When you’re done shooting something from the WhatsApp applicationAt the top of the screen, you will see a HD icon. Touch it to choose between compressed definition, 480 por the one in HD quality…in 720p Only, either 1280 x 720 pixelsas well as our colleagues fromAndroid addresses. The total weight is displayed in both cases. note WhatsApp limit is 16MB for videoOne can imagine that the goal is not to exceed it despite the increase in definition.

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Even if we must not forget what this means on a technical level, we are a bit disappointed that Meta could not perform better. Of course, there is still a possibility Transfer your video as a documentwhich will not be compressed by the application. However, the ability to do without this method would be welcome. HD video sharing is now rolling outdo not forget to Whatsapp update to see it appear.

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