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nation France France
archipelago Tuamotu
location The Pacific Ocean (The Pacific Ocean, which covers an area of ​​180,000,000 square kilometers, is the largest ocean…)
region 8.87 km2
geology Atoll
France France
group abroad French Polynesia (French Polynesia is a group of 5 French archipelagos, consisting of 118 …)
spend Tuamotu
commune I
demography Demography (in Greek…)
population 366 dwells. (2007)
density 41.26 live/km2
other information
time zone UTC -10
French atolls

Finished It is an atoll located inTuamotu Archipelago (The Tuamotu Archipelago is an archipelago of 78 atolls that are part of Polynesia…) in Polynesia (Polynesia (from the Greek, “many islands”), one of the three…) French. This is part of the municipality of Anna, which is a neighboring atoll. The lake covers an area of ​​227 square kilometres.


Faaite was discovered by Bellingshausen on July 16, 1820.

It was the atoll the introduction (Rendering is a computer operation that computes a 2D image (equivalent to an image)…) Famous after the so-called “Faaite stakes” case of September 2, 1987. Six people were thrown into fire (Fire is the production of a flame by an exothermic chemical oxidation reaction…) – Some of their children – the conviction of the population that they are possessed by Satan. Few time (Time is a concept developed by humans to understand…) Previously, three “priestesses” came to the atoll to preach “charismatic renewal”, gradually immersing the population inhysteria (The definition of hysteria given by Antoine Borough is: “A…) collective. Faaite is very isolated from Tahiti (Tahiti is an island in French Polynesia (collective overseas)…)The authorities did not intervene until Friday, that is, Monday days (Day or today is the interval between sunrise and sunset, which is…) after the first holocaust. Twenty-four men and women appeared before the Papeete Assizes Court, and 21 were convicted in March 1990.male (A man is an adult male of the species called Modern Man (Homo…) Considered the main gang leader, he was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

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Today, only a simple memorial plaque remains at the spot where the stakes were erected.

Exceptional location

  • Faaite koko, located at Northeast (Northeast is the direction midway between the cardinal points north and east. Northeast…) Of the atolls, Tuamotu koko is definitely the most beautiful. A koko is a natural karst channel that connects withOcean (Often, in geography, an ocean is defined as a vast body of water…) and from wherewater (Water is a chemical compound found everywhere on Earth, essential for everyone…) dating power (The word force can refer to a mechanical force on objects, and also, figuratively, a…) through each Extension (Tide is an upward movement (flow or flood) and then downward (return or tidal) of water…) It rises and emerges in a powerful siphon at low tide.

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