Do you turn off your smartphone at night?

Do you turn off your smartphone at night?

It seems like you have to turn off your smartphone every single day. The preferred time for this, of course, is the night, but do you?

Turn off your smartphone for 5 minutes every nightThis is the advice of Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. More specifically, the idea is to restart your phone every day, without forcing a set period during the day or a length approved by security experts — including the NSA.

By doing so, you close all the processes launched on your smartphone, especially those that might be launched by a malicious app. Admittedly, this is not a miracle solution, but this technique reduces the risk of evil spirits infiltrating your data.

Do you turn off your smartphone at night?

In any case, this reboot does not hurt the devices that we have made, for some and for some, the habit of not turning off again. So why not take the opportunity to turn our phones off for the night? Something to take advantage of to disconnect a bit, which isn’t a bad thing either.

On this subject, of course, there are many schools. The most radical way is, of course, to completely turn off your smartphone at night, but others prefer to switch to airplane mode or night mode (do not disturb). And you, what do you do with your smartphone at night? That’s the topic of our poll for this week, which you can answer below!

You can of course complete your answer in the comments of this article. The results will be re-posted here next Friday.

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