“Meteorology is a science and it continues to advance”: an interview with Louis Boudin at a conference in Grasse

“Meteorology is a science and it continues to advance”: an interview with Louis Boudin at a conference in Grasse

No, Louis Boudin neither rains nor shines. The forecaster and meteorologist has not yet turned to Tlaloc, says Nazef, the Aztec god of weather. Even if it was he who, for years, presented the bulletins on the RTL radio station and the TF1 TV channel.

We can’t predict everything.which was emphasized on the stage of the Palais des Congrès in Grasse, the engineer gave a lecture on the subject “When the weather teaches us to think of our land Within the framework of the agricultural and environmental meetings of the Pays de Grasse. “The citizens of the world should take it to their heads! “

to me Condition of no confusion…

What is the difference between meteorology and climatology?

Meteorology is about predicting whether it will rain or snow the day after tomorrow, while climatology is about trying to understand major differences on a planetary scale over decades or centuries.

In our region, have new phenomena led to more difficulties in prediction?

No, definitely not. The account of all new phenomena has always been complicated. We know what will happen without ever being able to measure gravity. This does not prevent us from being far-sighted and educating the population.

However, people are starting to turn away from the alerts, which are becoming more and more regular in the Maritime Alps.

Specifically… This is why it’s important to remember prediction limits. In the spring, Hérault was on red alert. We lost all credibility because in the end the rains remained moderate … Meteorology is a science and it continues to advance, but we must understand that it is not 100%.

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When temperatures drop, climate skeptics scoff at the situation. What do you say to them?
The situation does not depend on certain phenomena that have been around for years. In the vineyards, they harvest a little earlier each year.
This is a real sign of global warming. This is what should pull the rug out from under the feet of those who say: “Well, where is your greenhouse?”

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