dark matter stars

dark matter stars

Although it is still only a theory, this irony comes from the fact that it is a very strange three stars. Normally, a star forms inside a cloud of gas and dust: it collapses in on itself due to its mass, and the combination of very high temperatures and pressures, in the center, sets off the process of nuclear fusion. Atoms collide to form more complex chemical elements – in other words, a star.

Theoretically, in the early days of the universe, the gas clouds in question were much richer in dark matter. And although it’s not clear what the particles that make up dark matter might look like, the theory says that instead of merging together, they You will eliminate these particles When they collide – energy that, with each collision, would be strong enough to give the star its “fuel”.

Calculations of theoretical physics indicate, however, that for this process to work, the star in question must be particularly large: at least 10 times the distance between Earth and the Sun. And they shouldn’t have a core, because if it’s very cold in the middle, it gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

That is exactly it What do three things look like? So far away it was observed last year by the James Webb Space Telescope. in article Posted on July 11, theoretical physicist Catherine Friese and her colleagues write that These things correspond to the expected characteristics One of these “supermassive dark stars”. Moreover, the researchers continue, given their age, they are more likely to be stars than galaxies – as they have been. identified for the first time– A galaxy needs more time to form.

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but Further observations will be required to make a decision. – And above all, sooner or later we will have to find out what this famous dark matter consists of, which we have so far only been able to measure indirectly, through its gravitational influence. The first generation of stars in the universe, which has yet to be observed, may hold the key to the mystery.

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