Croix de Mont-Royal: Is Montreal ashamed?

Croix de Mont-Royal: Is Montreal ashamed?

On July 27, as part of Pope Francis’ visit, the “Mohawk Mothers” congregation called for the dismantling of the Royal Mountain Cross.

Newspaper subway The press release reports for these “Mohawk mothers” as follows: “Indigenous peoples see [ce symbole] The Jewish people also see the swastika.”

So the Christian cross would be equivalent to the token of Nazism!

The “Mothers of the Mohawks” contested the history of New France which, let us remember, had little to do with the British colonization of the American continent, nor with the Spaniards and the Portuguese. The truth of the facts is optional now.


But let’s accept their reasoning for a moment. Let’s put all Europeans in the same bag.

How can we seriously accommodate the European expansion of 1492, associated with the era of great discoveries, with the history of the Third Reich?

Our times have lost the meaning of words.

She found herself a new scapegoat: the evil big white man, presented as a filthy little demon, doomed to eternal repentance, to eternal kneeling, to repentance until the end of time. It is not permissible to hate it: rather it is obligatory. His hatred is surrounded by religious rituals that, as we know, can amount to book burning.

The desire to erase the Mount Royal Cross is part of this reasoning. The same is true of the public prayer now being recited around the supposed lands, as if we were not in our own country. We dream of symbolically eliminating the legitimacy of states resulting from European expansion.

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We hear about reconciliation, but in reality, the most radical Native American activists dream of revenge. For them, we will only be “overtaken” in America.

It must be said that they are exploited by the radical left, which dedicates their cause to carry out its crusade against the West.

Make no mistake: Boarding schools are an indelible mark in Canadian history. But fixing this injustice should not mean falling into self-destruction. Yet the lure of our elites are those who pour masochistic identity with satisfying pleasure.

For now, the idea of ​​removing the cross from Mount Royal has been rejected. What will happen in a few years, after the unprecedented surge of guilt-inducing propaganda?

The City of Montreal’s response, as I mentioned before subwayHe has nothing to reassure us.

For her, the Mount Royal Cross would represent “a major historical emblem of Montreal that invokes specific historical events, and that it is a representative symbol of the French Canadian population.”


Is that really how the city sees this cross?

The expression “French Canadian population” amounts to transforming the history of the Quebec people into the history of one ethnic community among others.

We feel that the city of Montreal is ashamed of this cross.

And back to this: when we seriously accept the “Mohawk mothers” who equate the royal mountain cross with a swastika, it means that we have already lost the battle.

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