5 things you didn’t know about Super Nintendo

It goes without saying that the Super Nintendo is a console in the hearts of many people around the world. 16-bit Nintendo can be proud of having democratized video games, making them even more popular thanks to licenses like Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country. A dream machine that still keeps some secrets. This is what we will find out together.

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5- Super PlayStation

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It’s a fairly well-known fact these days, but it’s important enough to mention it. During the Super Nintendo era, Nintendo for a while partnered with Sony to create an add-on for the SNES to add a CD player to. Except Nintendo made a face change at the last minute, canceling the collaboration. As a result, Sony continued to develop the idea, which would lead to the Playstation, eventually becoming the third largest console brand in history.

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4- Super Hyundai

Socio-political tensions between Japan and South Korea have long hampered trade and this was until the mid-2000s. South Koreans banned the import of Japanese products into their country. Some manufacturers like Nintendo still found the solution, because to distribute Super Nintendo there, they went through another company. This is why there is a Hyundai Super Combo in South Korea, which is a Super Nintendo distributed by Hyundai.

3- Super Nintendo Arcade Game

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If you were a fan of arcades in the 90’s, you may have seen this funny station. The Nintendo Super System is a device that allows you to play some of the major Super Nintendo titles. We could play Super Mario World or F-Zero there, but as far as we can tell you it was a money pit if we wanted to finish the games, because the duration of the games was set by a timer. We weren’t buying credit, but playing time.

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2- Prehistory of cloud gaming

Nintendo has often been ahead of its time, sometimes too much. In the case of Satellaview, it is an extension placed under the Super Famicom that allows access to content. You can participate in contests, have new games, and also have access to magazines or information brochures. Being only available for download, the vast majority of that content is now gone.

1- Manage your bank account with the SNES

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In 1998, TranDirect Holding thought it would be interested in using the popularity of the Super Nintendo to create a service to manage its bank account through the console. The project was called the TranDirect Home Banking System and it came in the form of a cartridge that could be connected to a telephone cord. Thus it was possible to manage their transactions, pay bills or even check emails by paying a monthly service. It is clear that at the time when the Internet began to enter homes, the project was quickly abandoned.

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