The last 90 minutes are deadly for Montataire and Breteuil

The last 90 minutes are deadly for Montataire and Breteuil

Oasis football season is over. The latest results allow us to see more clearly: who is going up and who is going down?

regional 2

Montreal – Abbeville: 3-1

If they do the job to the end,in an organized meeting“, Before Abbeville (A 3-1 win with goals from Dong, Ekonad and Tadley), the Montatarians (third in group A) will remain last in R2, who were temporarily in R1 until the victory in the last seconds of St. Maximin against Gamaches (2-1).

It passes a little, but there is no regret. If we had been told in September that we would be here today, we would have signed right away. Let’s not forget that we have been promoted, and that few of those who have been promoted manage to survive. The guys have had a great season, the group is very young (21 years old on average) so I hope I can still count on them in the years to come because they still have a lot of room for improvement and nice things to do,” Dmitry Suleiman was captivated.

• Chevrières Grandfresnoy – only street: 4-1

The logic was respected in the 100% Isarian label for Group A between Chevrières Grandfresnoy (fourth) and St Just (The tenth(which saw the home side win 4-1)A brace from Niamsi, goals from Ikolo and Burton against a goal from Celis). “We scored quickly (2-0 in the 10th game) and then Al-Shabab got serious about winning. Today the aim was above all to prepare well for the final (Coupe de la Ligue against Tourcoing) and to get there with the utmost confidence.

Anyway, the players can be proud they had a great season, maybe we lacked a bit of a squad to play on all fronts but we gave it our all wherever we were and we ended up with a trophy which would be a great reward.Rudolph Gigozzo believed.

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For his counterpart, Gregory Desmarest, We missed our start and then, as so often this season, failed to put our chances behind. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to hope for anything.

• Portuguese Amiens – Nogent: 2-3

Navigating the champion’s garden, the Portuguese Amiens, Nogentais (5th in Group A) achieved the remarkable feat of saving their skin on R2, above all winning 2-3 when they were 2-0 up on the match clock (Triplets from Aubert). “We definitely had to win to avoid any unpleasant surprises, the guys showed a lot of desire, were determined and simply did what was necessary to get the best out of a big and beautiful rival team.Abd al-Adalah was captured.

Now it’s a little frustrating in that I tell myself we should have played climbing. Unfortunately, if we get good results against the big ones, we lose a lot of points against the bad seeds. It is up to us to maintain our good momentum, keep working and learn from this season to continue growing and building ourselves.. “

• The Airplane – Goview: 4-2

Because they were leading 1-2 in the first half ( Goals from Pereira and Joakid), and Godvicians ( Sixth place in Group C(End the season with a home defeat against champions Afyon)4-2). ” This match is like our season where we weren’t there for the decisive moments. The quality is there, it’s undeniable, we didn’t beat the first two by accident, but I think we lack the state of mind to take a step forwardBenjamin Minette confided.

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• Britwell – Bridge: 0-2

defeated 0-2 by Punt, Breteuil (Third place in Group C) Regional 1 again next season. ” We didn’t put out the aggressiveness and intensity that the team that claimed R1 should have put out. That’s the bottom line of the season, where we don’t get to 100% when we have to be at 300% every weekend because at this level the details are played to and the slightest mistake is paid cash. In the end, we are where we are, especially since we lost our second match against Al-Bayashi. Nicolas Lestovi sighed.

regional 3

Liancourt Clermont Villeneuve: 6-2

Full card for Group B champions, Liancourt-Clermont, who won 6-2 at home against Villeneuve ( A brace from Yves Oumat, goals from Bourcier, Nyangan, Da Costa and Abdullah). ” We had one last goal to finish the season, to finish as the best attacker in our group (59 goals scored in 22 matches, tied with Marigny). In any case, this result concludes a very good season and allows the players to leave in good shape, both individually and collectively. Manu Pereira smiled.

• Portel B – Grandvilliers: 1-0

He’s on a short rout at Portal’s reservists’ meadow.1-0) from Grandvilliers (Eleventh place in Group B) ends the season and leaves R3. ” We had a more than average game with again our lack of competence and above all there was no reaction after the opponent’s goal. This sums up our year as we showed an erratic alternating between the best and the worst whispered Brian Signify.

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• Balagny – Chateau Etambes: 3-1

3-1 winner of Château Étampes ( A brace from Samir, a goal from Catel(Balagnards)Third place in Group BThey could not have dreamed of a better outing for their coach, Rachid Kouachi, who left his place to Damien van Horen after sixteen years of good and loyal service. ” If we’ve been able to know R1 for six years, it’s only thanks to him. It was unimaginable before he arrived and he made us live great adventures as the club grewPresident Philippe Segondes confided.

This tribute will be as memorable as all these years it will remain engraved. Balagny is an atypical club, with few resources, but with a family spirit and values ​​that have enabled us to achieve great things. I was also fortunate to have exceptional guys. Staying sixteen years at a club, including fifteen years in the league, no longer exists, but now no one can be replaced, the club will continue to exist and I wish Damien the same success.

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