Cristiano Ronaldo: The reason for not signing him in Saudi Arabia…

Cristiano Ronaldo: The reason for not signing him in Saudi Arabia…

Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to leave Manchester United this summer, he would not have signed in Saudi Arabia due to the transfer ban of Al Hilal club, according to its president Fahd bin Nafel.

The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Saudi Arabia failed by nothing. Everything seemed in place for the Portuguese, who wanted to leave Manchester United, to continue his career in the Gulf, as Al Hilal club offered him an exceptional contract of close to 245 million euros over two years, or 2.3 million. In the week. But if the case was about to succeed, it would have finally collapsed only due to the transfer ban imposed on the Saudi formation.

“We negotiated with Ronaldo. The problem was not money or the agreement in principle,” confirmed Al Hilal club president Fahd bin Nafel in statements reported by the Daily Mail, stressing that his club “is able to bring in the stars of the whole world.” But his team was prevented from “registering players” by the Sports Arbitration Centre.

Al Hilal has been suspended since May, and the situation surrounding the transfer of Saudi midfielder Mohamed Kanoo to Al Nasr. But the arrival of the five-a-side Golden Ball was not abandoned. Al Hilal and Al Nasr will always monitor the position of Cristiano Ronaldo (37), who is under a contract until next June with Manchester United. And both could return to the shipment after the World Cup in Qatar, whether during the winter transfer window in January or next summer. With a crazy new show.

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