Rotten ambitious project of a freshman from Central University!

Rotten ambitious project of a freshman from Central University!

Wasim Borbia, a young graduate of the school Central Nantes And Centralcreated his Youtube channel musty with a purpose Put their knowledge into practice and entertain the general public. Its ambition is to accelerate the democratization of new technologies for the general public. ” I wanted to become an entrepreneur and created my own Avna YouTube channel he explains. At the end of an episode of Afna, I want the viewers to say to themselves “Wow, I saw beautiful pictures, they were great” but at the same time keep some of the concepts introduced such as the sensors used or the physical quantity. This is mainstream entertainment that I hope is useful and inspiring Avna wants to be a combination of two disciplines, art and science.

Projects in ruins for Avna

Two projects are coming soon to his channel: mathematically modeling a boxing match and using it to produce the best punch combinations to win the match, and levitating magnetics and dictating their movements using his hand. ” Before becoming a YouTube channel, Avna is first and foremost an association “, He says. ” An association that wants to bring together all people who believe they have talent in art and/or science and who want to express it. Afneh’s mission is to be a combination of these two disciplines. I would like to expand the team soon. So if there are among the people who read me, students or not elsewhere, they think they can bring their stones into the building. They can email me ([email protected])with a small presentation and we discuss it. “.

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