Central Asian cinema at the heart of Tashkent Film Festival 2023

Central Asian cinema at the heart of Tashkent Film Festival 2023

Awards, screenings and training sessions with stars of world cinema were on the program of the 15th Tashkent International Film Festival, which particularly highlighted Central Asian cinema.


Dubbed the Pearl of the Silk Road, the Tashkent International Film Festival, in its 15th session, played the showcase of Central Asian cinema. World-famous directors and actors gathered, in this occasionIn the capital of Uzbekistan to reward films and introduce the world of cinema to a new generation of filmmakers.

A creative melting pot

“This festival brings together filmmakers from 52 countries under the slogan of peace, progress and light, and is an initiative of our president.” Firdaws Abdel Khalqouf, Director, said Tashkent International Film Festival. “Uzbekistan has always been at the crossroads of the Silk Road: it was a melting pot where there was an exchange of ideas and creativity, and thus this festival is a continuation of these traditions.” pointed out.

Short film challenge

Students from film schools from different countries participated in the festival’s competition program. The teams had exactly 5 days to produce a short film using filming locations in Uzbekistan. It was the film “100 Steps” by a team from Azerbaijan that won the best film award at the festival in the “Cinema in 5 Days” category.

“We didn’t know the city or the language, so it was very difficult, but we were very united as a team to overcome the obstacles and win this award today.” Youssef Ghasemli, director of photography for the “100 Steps” program, said.

Masterclasses with big stars

During this festival, many training courses were held led by international stars. Hassan Nazer, whose film Winners was chosen to represent the UK at the Oscars, explained how non-professionals were used in the film.

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“It’s a very big risk, but they can bring a lot of creativity and originality to the film, because they are not acting, they are conveying natural things.” The Anglo-Iranian director confirmed.

The famous duo from the movie “Taxi” – Frederic Diefenthal And Sami Al-Nasiri – He shared his experience with young actors. “You should not listen to anyone, neither your parents nor your friends, and you should follow your dream to the end.” Sami Al-Nasiri was fired.

“I do my work with my heart, and I’m lucky to be able to say – even if it’s work, I’ll be shooting at night, during the day – that I’m going to play, not that I’m going to play.” I’m going to work” He meets the actor Frederic Diefenthal.

“In Central Asia, there are many untold and untold stories.”

The highlights of the festival were held in Samarkand in the new, old-fashioned “Eternal City” that will no doubt serve as a film set.

Central Asian Cinema was the festival’s main competition category. “I consider this festival one of the best because it allows you to discover films that are difficult to watch.” Notice the manager Krzysztof Zanussi Who chaired the international arbitration committee. “Central Asian films are simply not available in Europe, we don’t see them, and here we have the opportunity to meet the creators and see their work.” pointed out.

The jury awarded the Best Film award to the Uzbek film “Sunday” to thank Kholikov Which tells the story of children who want to change their world and help their elderly parents who are content with what they have.

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“In Central Asia, there are still many stories that have not been told or shown.” Director Shakir Kholikov said. ““It’s a good opportunity for young people: just play and make these films while you have time, and we have to make films.” appreciate.

journalist • Galina Polonskaya

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