NASA launches a new application to follow the International Space Station from your smartphone

NASA launches a new application to follow the International Space Station from your smartphone

In 24 hours, the International Space Station (ISS) orbits the Earth 16 times. They are therefore very easy to see, at least for experienced amateurs who know how to spot them.

This fun is now available to as many people as possible thanks to a new NASA app called Spotting the Station. It is available for free on robot And internal control Department It uses augmented reality to determine the location of the International Space Station. The app indicates in real time where the space station is located in its surroundings around the world.

The notification system allows you to be notified of the passes of the International Space Station visible from the user’s geographical location. We can also take and share photos and videos of these views.

The International Space Station is only visible at dawn or dusk

Photo credit: Taken by Mark Zavani

The space station is visible because it reflects sunlight “NASA explains.” Unlike the Moon, the space station is not bright enough to see during the day. It can only be seen at dawn or dusk. Therefore, it is possible to see it once a month or several times a week, because the place must be dark and the space station must pass over our heads. With the Spot the Station mobile app, users will know when the station is at the top and how to locate it », continues the US space agency.

The release of this application also coincides with the 25th anniversary of the operation of the International Space Station, which will be held on December 6.

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