Artificial intelligence for cancer diagnosis

Artificial intelligence for cancer diagnosis


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Health: Artificial intelligence for cancer diagnosis

Health: Artificial Intelligence for Cancer Diagnosis – (France 2)

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Artificial intelligence makes it possible to accurately analyze scans and detect small cancers. An update on this major achievement with doctor and journalist Damien Maskret, featured in the 20 Hours group.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a concern for some. However, it can save lives. In the 20-hour episode, Wednesday, November 22, doctor and journalist Damian Maskret confirmed that the performance of artificial intelligence in breast cancer screening is very good. “Now as good as the best radiologists”. Currently, mammograms are analyzed by two radiologists. “However, in mammograms, the AI ​​easily identifies a very small cancer and surrounds it with a box to report it to the radiologist.”,Details of healthcare professional.

Pancreatic cancers

AI may be useful for other types of cancer, including pancreatic cancer. he “It is difficult to detect, because the pancreas is a deep organ, located behind the stomach, and when symptoms appear it is often too late.”confirms Damien Mascaret, who adds: “In abdominal CT, where a radiologist will detect one in three cases of cancer. AI is able to detect more than nine out of ten.”

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