Double Science, Ground Control’s popular science festival for the whole family

Double Science, Ground Control’s popular science festival for the whole family

Written by Graziella L. Posted May 5, 2023 2:56 pm

For three days, the first Science Publication Festival arrives at the Ground Control Center. From May 26-28, 2023, learn how our world works through free and exceptional activities and experiences, together with the pros!

for the first time, control from the ground invites you to come and discover the vast world of sciencethrough fun experiences or workshops, but also through games, meetings and more Fun and free entertainment. The purpose of the festival double flag : popularize a field that may sometimes seem too inaccessible to the general public, and come out full of knowledge of all kinds! plenty AmplifiersAnd journalists, researchers, promoters, artists … They will be there to accompany you in your discoveries, who May 26-28, 2023 !

For this edition, we take advantage of objective methodsAccording to his desires: a good student plan, a family discovery, or a cultural outing? On site, even the kitchen becomes scientific, thanks to the food court run by Café des Sciences or Science cocktail, a clever mix of chemistry served to festival pubs. The telescope mirror of the Paris Observatory was installed in the heart of the festival, to observe closely, in life size, what allows us to see space so far. Among the suggested experiments, you will be able to discover a benefit particle accelerators, via amazing animation! What to take full eyes and brain, especially.

a musical scene Saturday invites you to discover the talent of three passionate science musicians: Yuen Lirb, Fast & Furious, and Dr. Futuro. And to make those of you who knew the show nostalgic.”This is not rocket scienceFred Courant reached out for a moment popular science ! In the program you will also find a space for virtual reality and board games, professional round tables, an exhibition of about 15 physicists, and even meetings to create careers among the youngest. Are you ready to learn about science?

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