Did we see the undeclared King of Fighters character over two years ago?

Did we see the undeclared King of Fighters character over two years ago?

The The King of Fighters 15 It’s the most anticipated fighting game of the year for many in the community even though there isn’t a lot of information that we know – like where we’re going to be able to play it.

There’s a good chance though we already know more than what has been featured in recent trailers, at least as it relates to one unspoken character. Reveals potential spoilers awaiting the future list.

After the recent announcement that Tomohiro Nakata is the lead character designer and illustrator for KOF15, some fans have pointed out: SNK Senior Officer page For the artist who has an interesting picture.

Nakata appears to be working on a fairly detailed image of the giant wrestler Raiden, and what is intriguing to her is that the image has not been used since its inception over two years ago.

This prompted some fans to theorize at the time that it could be an artistic concept for The King of Fighters 15 which now appears likely not to have appeared again during that time period.

Raiden considers Fatal Fury as more of a KOF character, but he last appeared in KOF13 on Kim’s team with Hwa Jai.

Nakata has worked on the art for the King of Fighters All Star mobile game, but as far as we can tell, Raiden hasn’t appeared there either.

It might seem odd that SNK was showing the origin of KOF15 years before its debut although it certainly wouldn’t be the first time a developer showed off parts of games early on by taking pictures or videos of employee offices either intentionally or accidentally.

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However, there is also a strong possibility that this was created for an obscure promotional poster or something similar although it is impossible to say for sure.

There is no other relevant information to be found on the Nakata page regarding the image.

We can’t say exactly when the page was published, but as soon as we can find people talking about it and the photo of Raiden in January 2019, just one month after KOF15 confirmed it was under development for investors.

Currently, only Kyo, Shun’ei, K ‘, Leona, Benimaru and Mai have been confirmed for KOF15 although SNK appears to be planning some kind of weekly revelation at the moment.

Sure it would be interesting to see the semi-retired wrestler return in the form of a 3D model, but I wonder if he will kick Jang Il out of the team to join Kim or if he will partner with a new crew.

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