Apple’s Breach: Customers Helpless to Hackers?

Millions of Apple customers have become vulnerable to hackers due to a major security flaw in the tech giant’s network.

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According to President and CEO of Eva Technologies, Eric Barnett, this breach has caused countless casualties over the years.

“This flaw has been around, perhaps, for years, because it goes back to iPhone 6. He explained in an interview with TVA Nouvelles that anyone who knew about this breach could have exploited it a long time ago.

The flaw allows hackers to take control of the device remotely.

So Apple recommends that all of its customers update to the latest update. This is probably the only way to adequately protect yourself, as it is very difficult to detect that a hacker has taken over your device.

The most obvious way is that we have information that comes in places it shouldn’t go out. Otherwise it takes technical expertise to analyze what is happening on the phone,” says Eric Barnett.

“Our electronic devices today are very talkative. They are constantly talking to many services. So it is very difficult to distinguish normal behavior from completely abnormal and malicious behavior.”

If your device is not sending you a message by itself inviting you to perform the update, you can do it yourself by going to your device settings.

For his part, cyber security analyst Stephen Lachance suggested modifying certain settings to protect yourself from a potential hacker.

“Go shut down all microphone, photo, and camera sharing for apps you don’t necessarily need, especially apps that make money from data. I’m thinking of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger,” says Mr. Lachance.

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To see the full interview, watch the video at the top of the article.

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